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The biopesticide industry is a growing market that is predominantly characterized by established products for different crops. The major players offer a complete portfolio of biofungicides, bioinsecticides, and bionematicides covering all the major chemistries and the property performance requirements for the wide range of crops.
Bayer AG and Syngenta AG are the market leaders with diversified product portfolios, strong geographical reach, and high strategic initiatives. Over the next five years, suppliers will be focusing on innovation and cutting-edge technologies for the development and marketing of a broad spectrum of tailored solutions for farmers that enable greater productivity in a sustainable way so that players are likely to capture larger market share in the global biopesticide market.
Over the last five years, suppliers have focused on new product developments and acquisitions. Bayer AG acquired Monsanto to become world’s biggest agro-chemicals market leader. Also, FMC Corporation and DuPont announced the signing of a definitive agreement for FMC to acquire the portion of DuPont’s crop protection business.
The companies producing biopesticide are exploring market opportunities with starkly different strategies. Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the global biopesticide market and has come up with a comprehensive research report, “Worldwide Biopesticide Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2018”. This report offers a full competitive analysis from target markets to product mapping, from selling strategies to production capabilities. This report has examined and profiled the world’s leading biopesticide producers. Lucintel created profiles of each competitor based on the following criteria:
Company overview
• Company Description
• Corporation Statistics

Biopesticide business overview
• Biopesticide Business Segments
• Key Differentiators and Strengths
• Key Biopesticide Competitors

Products and product positioning
• Biopesticide Product Line Overview
• Product Positioning in Market Segments

Markets and market positioning
• Market Positioning in the Global Biopesticide business
• Revenue Breakdown by Market Segments
• Revenue Breakdown by Region

• Global Manufacturing Operations
Innovation and market leadership
Marketing, sales and organizational capabilities
• Marketing and Sales
• Management Commitment and Track Record
Strategic Initiatives
The resulting research report represents the most comprehensive strategic and tactical assessment of the biopesticide producers and competitive landscape available. In terms of the total revenue generated by leading biopesticide producers, Bayer AG ranks number one, followed by Syngenta AG, BASF, FMC Corporation, Isagro S.p.A., Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc., and Certis USA all of which are included in the report.
The detailed analysis of each company offers a critical view into key strategic areas, including:
1. Biopesticide producer target markets
2. Key differentiators, strengths, competitors, and other insights
Designed for the agricultural industry professionals, financial services firms, and users of biopesticide, Lucintel’s “Worldwide Biopesticide Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2018” is the industry’s comprehensive examination of the biopesticide producers’ competitive landscape.
Collected from a series of primary vendor interviews and secondary sources, Lucintel also provides its own scorecard for determining which of these companies is better aligned with future market opportunities and which has the ability to gain additional market share. Using its proprietary research methodology, Lucintel has developed a comparative analysis tool, the ‘Lucintel Leadership Quadrant,’ which identifies leaders and challengers in the biopesticide market and rates each biopesticide producer on two primary criteria as shown below:
1. Alignment with market opportunity
2. Ability to gain market share
Ability to gain market share was analyzed using following parameters:
− Product portfolio
− Financial strength
− Asset position
− Execution skill
− Customer experience
Alignment with market opportunity was analyzed using following parameters:
− Target growth markets
− New product development
− Corporate and functional strategy
− Presence within the industry
Lucintel offerings include chemical market research reports, chemical industry analysis report, commercial due diligence report, business strategy consulting and market research reports online.