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Global V-Belt market: overviewV-belts were developed in early days of automobile innovation to improve belt reliability and torque transmission from the crankshaft to rotating assemblies. A v-belt drive system is also called as friction drives because power is transmitted as a result of the belts adherence to the pulley. A v belt is a unique mechanical linkage with a cross-section that resembles an isosceles trapezoid. The v-belt and its complementing pulley create the most efficient belt drive known. V-belt transmissions are a notable upgrade from round and flat belt transmissions as v-belts provide excellent traction, speed, and load capabilities and long service life. V-belts solved the slippage and alignment problem hence now it is used as the basic belt for power transmission. The “V” shape of the belt fits the grooves in the pulley, as a result, the belt cannot slip off, and as the load on the belt increases, there is an increase in the wedging action. V-belts are easy to install, require no lubrication and decreases shock loads and low maintenance.To remain ‘ahead’ of your competitors, request for a sample here@ V-Belt Market: Market DynamicsThe global V-belt industry is driven by manufacturing industries as V-belts are considered as workhorse available from virtually every distributor and adaptable to practically any drive. They are presently available in the wide variety for transmitting almost any amount of load power. Moreover, v-belt can be used in all orientations i.e. horizontal, vertical or inclined and when a number of v-belts are used the breakdown of one belt does not stop the operation of the others this is another reason for boosting the growth of the global v-belt market. The key factor restraining the global V-Belt market is that the v-belt cannot be used where synchronous speeds are required. Flat belts are substitutes of V-belts as flat belts can be used for large center distances and have better power transfer efficiency.Global V-Belt Market: Market SegmentationOn the basis of a material used, the global v-belt market is segmented into:RubberPolymerNeopreneUrethane synthetic materialsOn the basis of types, a global v-belt market is segmented into:Heavy dutyConventional beltsA,B,C,D and ENarrow belts3v,5v, and 8vLight duty2L, 3L, 4L and 5LOpen-endsEndlessOn the basis of end-use industries, a global v-belt market is segmented into:Paper and pulpCementPower and energyFood and beverageAgriculturalAutomotiveMetals and miningGlobal V-belt market: Segment OverviewThere will be growth in the v-belt market as there is anticipated improvements in automotive, food processing and aerospace industries, however, manufacturing industry is making a slow recovery.Global V-belt market: Regional overviewBased on the geographies, the global V-belt market is fragmented into seven key regions- North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific except Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among the regions mentioned above the Asia Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market. The demand for v-belts will increase in Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa due to growth in oil refineries and mining sector and the demand for V- Belts is increasing in North America and Eastern Europe which are considered as the hub for manufacturing companies. Countries like India, South Africa, and China will have more demands for the v- belt market due to decline in Europe’s economy. Overall the outlook for the global V-belt market will have a positive growth over the forecasted period with the increase in manufacturing companies.For critical insights on the keyword market, request for methodology here @ V-Belt Market: Market PlayersSome of the market players identified in the global V- belt market includes:Belt Technologies, Inc.ContiTech AG,SANMEN FUWEI RUBBER BELT MANUFACTURING CO., LTDMitsuboshi Belting Ltd.Gates Corporation.Goodyear rubber products,Volta Belting Technology Ltd.Optibelt GmbH AGBBando USA.Zhejiang jinjiu rubber belt Co LtdTEXROPEPre-Book Right Now for Exclusive Analyst Support @