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With the emergence of state-of-art imaging technologies that have been bringing a remarkable shift in the medical imaging industry, the c-arms market is booming. The fixed and mobile c-arms market size is significantly augmented due to the growth of minimally invasive surgery, which has gained a propitious prominence in the healthcare industry. This is because fixed and mobile c-arms enable procedural intelligence that optimize clinical operations involved in minimally invasive surgery. The fixed c-arms market is further expanding due to the synchronization of c-arms technique with the latest high-end technologies such as 3-D navigation and integration with image processing software that improves image quality.

This makes it useful for a gamut of medical operations such as trauma and cardiovascular surgery. The players are coming up with the integration of the conventional x-ray technique with the latest technology to increase their fixed and mobile c-arms market share. For instance, cardiac and vascular models of GE Healthcare’s imaging systems utilize motion tolerance subtraction (MTS) which enables real-time subtraction without a masked image. This leads to a single contrast media injection that helps physicians perform complete extremity run-off in a single imaging run.

The major forces aiding to the swell in the fixed and mobile c-arms market size are the rising geriatric population and the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, its application in urology, neurology, and thoracic surgery is further augmenting the scope for the c-arms market companies. The growth prospects in the c-arms market can be gauged by the growing trade of healthcare imaging equipment across the globe.

In 2018, $24.04 billion worth imaging equipment was traded across the globe, and the value witnessed a considerable year on year growth of 9%. A substantial part of it is attributable to the surging demand for c-arms.

As a result of growth factors coupled with the stupendous rise of the associated market such as endoscopy, the fixed and mobile c-arms market size was evaluated at $1.35 billion as of 2018. Furthermore, the forecast period 2019-2025 is projected to witness a growth in the c-arms market demand at a CAGR of 4.76%.

North America Subjugated the Global Industry With 35.80% Fixed and Mobile C-Arms Market Share in 2018:

The healthcare industry in North American countries has been garnering a handsome amount of investments from the government and private investors leading to a significant amount of healthcare expenditure. This is coupled with the progressive technological regime in the U.S. that is largely affecting all the industries including healthcare which reflects in the advancement of the c-arms market in the region.

· The Growing Healthcare Expenditure in the US Evidencing the C-Arms Market Rise –

The US healthcare expenditure grew by 3.9% in 2017 and attained a valuation of $3.5 trillion – a part of this sum is spent on medical imaging which evinces the c-arms market growth in the country.

· The Increase in the Geriatric Population Creating Revenue Avenues for the C-Arms Market Players In the US –

Americans aging 65 and more than that would be doubled from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million in 2060.

These 52 million people that are counted in the geriatric population influenced the fixed and mobile c-arms market in 2018, because they are more prone to the diseases such as cardiovascular ones that need diagnosis through digital imaging. With the growing geriatric population, the US c-arms market size will witness further increment.

· The Abundance of End-User Institutions in the US Supporting the Fixed C-Arms Market Growth –

In 2019, the US had 6,210 hospitals, and the figure excludes clinics.

Now, these hospitals are the predominant end-users of fixed and mobile c-arms. With the growing investments poured by the government in the healthcare infrastructure, the upcoming years shall witness a surge in the number of hospitals, which will further flourish the c-arms market.

· The Canadian Healthcare Industry: A Lucrative Fixed and Mobile C-Arms Marketplace –

The total healthcare spending was estimated to be $253.3 billion in 2018. This expenditure includes money spent on medical imaging and devices such as x-rays and fixed and mobile c-arms. The increase in the number of people suffering from chronic and cardiovascular diseases, the country’s healthcare expenditure industry is poised to grow further, which will create a myriad of opportunities in the fixed and mobile c-arms market.

Top 10 Fixed and Mobile C-Arms Market Companies:

The companies with the maximum fixed and mobile c-arms market share are Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Hologic, Inc.; Siemens AG, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Shimadzu Corporation, OrthoScan, Inc., Ziehm Imaging GmbH, Hitachi Medical Systems, and Eurocolumbus s.r.l.

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