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Infinium Global Research has added a new report on Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccines Market. The report covers the analysis of global as well as regional markets of foot and mouth disease vaccines. Moreover, the report gives insights into the factors that affect the global as well as regional performance of the market in the short run and in the long run. According to the report, the global foot and mouth disease vaccines market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% over the forecast period of 2019-2025.

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Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a severe and immensely contagious disease generally seen among cattle, deer’s, goats, sheep, swine another cloven-hoofed domestic as well as wild animal species. Symptoms of FMD include blisters similar to sores on the mouth, lips, tongues, teeth as well as between the hooves, depression, fever, foot lesions followed by severe lameness and reluctance to move, loss of appetite, and, reduction in milk production. Mixed breeds are more susceptible to FMD than traditional breeds. Though fatality among adult animals is less, younger ones have high mortality. Infected animals release the virus through feces and other bodily secretions. As it is a viral disease, it can spread faster among animals and economically affect countries.

Increasing Demand for Live Stocks Products Across the World, Especially in Emerging and Developing Countries is Driving the Global FMD Vaccines Market

The increasing demand for live stocks products across the world, especially in emerging and developing countries is driving the global FMD vaccines market. Moreover, the matured economies depend on various countries for meat products. To meet the demand, the production of live stocks is increasing multifold. To meet the stringent import regulations and to prevent FMD outbreaks, various countries and vendors promote FMD vaccinations for live stocks. In countries with regular FMD endemics, conventional FMD vaccines are gaining more demand as they are used as long-term preventive medicine when compared to emergency medicines, which are used to control sudden FMD outbreak. The increasing demand for conventional FMD vaccines is expected to enhance the growth of the global FMD vaccines market during the forecast period. The fluctuating serotype FMD outbreaks are expected to restrain the growth of the market, as it requisites large investment and effort to produce vaccines at short notice to counter such viruses. The increased investments in Research and Development is yielding advanced vaccines for FMD and it is expected to provide opportunities for the major players to expand in regions with frequent FMD endemics.

Asia-Pacific Region Dominates the Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccines Market

Asia-Pacific region dominates the global FMD vaccines market, due to the frequent FMD endemics in the region. The FMD outbreaks in the recent past are likely to drive the growth of demand for FMD vaccines in the Asia Pacific over the coming years. Furthermore, North America and Europe hold significant shares in Foot and mouth disease (FMD) market. The preventive programs for FMD outbreaks in the U.S. to aid the booming meat exports industry are anticipated to drive the North American FMD vaccines market over the forecast period.

Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccines Market: Segmentation

The report on global foot and mouth disease vaccines market covers segments such as product and application. On the basis of product, the sub-markets include conventional, and emergency. On the basis of application, the sub-markets include cattle, goat, pigs, sheep, and others.

Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccines Market: Competitive Landscape

The report provides profiles of the companies in the market such as Intervet Inc., Vallée S.A., Godrej Agrovet Limited, Indian Immunologicals Limited., LaboratoriosBagó S.A, Bayer AG, Morphosys AG, Brilliant Bio Pharma Private Limited, Botswana Vaccine Institute, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH., and Others.

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Reasons to Buy this Report:

  • Comprehensive analysis of global as well as regional markets of the foot and mouth disease vaccines.
  • Complete coverage of all the product type and applications segments to analyze the trends, developments, and forecast of market size up to 2025.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the companies operating in this market. The company profile includes analysis of product portfolio, revenue, SWOT analysis and the latest developments of the company.
  • Infinium Global Research- Growth Matrix presents an analysis of the product segments and geographies that market players should focus to invest, consolidate, expand and/or diversify.