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The joy and happiness that encompass you when you say “yes” to the man of your life, does not compare to any sensation experienced so far! A new stage in your life is coming – you will become a lady with deeds, his lady!

Breathe and enjoy yourself – a long and happy life awaits you! From the moment you accepted the request for marriage, the idyllic image created in childhood about how you will look on the big day came to mind and it doesn’t take long until you start looking for the wedding dress of your dream! How do you imagine you will be?

New trends in 2020

Small busts

The corset dress – is ideal in this case, especially if it is reinforced, because it will create the volume sensation. Choose a corset with embroidery, lace or inlaid stones or one with a band applied below the breast line.

Strapless dress – Choose a dress with thick straps, possibly accessorized with flowers, to create the feeling of volume.

The boat neckline dress – Will suit you wonderfully as this type of neckline creates the optical illusion of volume.

Medium bust

V-neckline dress – is ideal for this size of breasts. If you choose a reinforced model, your bust will look perfect as it will create a firm, round breast effect.

Oval neckline dress – this type of neckline highlights the shoulder line, but it is not a popular choice among young brides. It is rather chosen by the women who decided to marry later.

Cupe corset dress – the cups corset that perfectly contours the breasts and will offer them at the same time and support due to the hardened cups.

Big bust

Heart-shaped neckline dress – hardened cups will support the bust, and this neckline will optically decrease the volume of the breasts.

Dress with straps dropped – you can confidently choose this dress model if you have big breasts because the neckline will distract attention from the bust area, pointing it over the shoulders.

The latest mistakes in choosing a wedding dress!

Don’t let yourself be influenced by discounts

Yes, we know, it may sound inspiring “70% sales on X, Y models.” The announcement “Big discounts” is in vogue nowadays. But most of the time, these dresses have been tried by many brides and they can have flaws. Before you buy such a product, check every detail, every stitch, every piece in detail. Repairs may cost you more than the product itself.

Do not order the wrong size

Wedding dresses are usually two sizes smaller than street clothes, so it doesn’t make sense to stay focused on a certain size. Better analyze your size correspondent with the size catalog of each model separately.

Don’t forget about the extra costs

Let’s say a dress costs 1000 £. Changes or adjustments may cost extra, may be charged for delivery or other aspects that differ depending on the brand/workshop. Also, you should not forget that you also need shoes, veil, jewelry, etc.

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