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Never has there been a time where audiences were as engaged, as switched-on and as tech-savvy as today. The young consumers of the next generation have already changed retail. In essence, brick-and-mortar stores have to change their approach to marketing to stay ahead of the times.

ZAK works with a network of psychologists and neuroscientists that specialize in the youth brain and have found that they absorb new information all the time. With these continually evolving mindsets, the next generation is pushing trends all over the world and expecting more from the brands they engage with.

Often, companies struggle to value their customers in a way that makes them feel validated and seen. But this personal connection is precisely what young people today look for in a company. They value individuality, engagement, and relationship, and want to interact with the brand in a back-and-forth conversation that recognizes them as people.

Where traditional stores are closing, and main-stream companies are losing their influence, new, inventive brands pop up all the time to take the spotlight. These brands recognize that their under 30s audience craves not only personal validation but a connection to other customers that share the brand identity. By sharing images and personal stories and inter-connecting their audience, brands create a community and allow their customers to see themselves in them.

ZAK stays up to date with the Next Gen audience through SELFHOOD. This is their global research network dedicated to learn, create and test frameworks brands can use to engage with people like them. The agency has evolved that research into whitepapers about the Youth Identity. It regularly explores culture, tech, fashion, and social trends that influence brand identity.

Through these insights, ZAK can create boundary-pushing campaigns that can highlight your brand and set them apart from advertising agencies in London.