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Monitoring a mechanical process and predictive maintenance after vibration sensors or vibration analysis is an inevitable part of an industry. Similarly, infrared thermography is used for machine condition monitoring. Watching the working condition of machines such heat exchangers is necessary to maintain the production process in a stipulated time. Unscheduled and unexpected downtime of equipment and machinery hinders the processing time of services and products which further leads to increased production cost and wastage of resources. Machine conditioning monitoring is a process that involves surveillance of the machines for breakdown, temperature, moisture presence, vibrations, pressure, leakage, lubrication, and so on.

The country possesses a huge ecosystem of manufacturing, agricultural, food & beverage, oil & gas, consumer electronics, and retail industries that are supporting the growth of the Indian machine condition market size. The market players influencing the Indian machine condition monitoring market are leveraging upon the growing industrial activities in the country and governmental laws that are heavily supporting the industrialization. The Indian machine condition monitoring market generated revenues worth $93.27 million in 2018 and the market size is expected to grow at an above-average CAGR of 10.95% during the forecast period 2019 to 2025. With the Industry 4.0 update, the techniques and methods applied in the machine condition monitoring are witnessing astonishing technological update.

End-User Industrial Application Analysis in the Indian Machine Condition Monitoring Market
Food & Beverages Sector: In 2018, the Indian machine condition monitoring market generated the highest revenues from the food and beverages industry which is further expected to grow at a double-digit CAGR of 12.82% during the forecast period. The food manufacturers face a countless number of challenges and costs such as microbial testing, hygiene consultation, and pest control. The food production processing is highly complex and elaborate as it incorporates stages such as liquefaction, pasteurization, cooking, mincing, emulsification, and packaging. The machines and equipment are vulnerable to damage as the production zones in the manufacturing facilities often deal with moisture and high levels of wet environment that may cause problems such as rusting and jammed movements in the machines. Manufacturing and maintaining the freshness and taste from the factory to the time it is consumed is essential for the food companies to compete in the market.

Automotive Industry:
The automotive manufacturing and maintenance industry is another critical sector in which machine condition monitoring is mandatory. Developing a vehicle is a complex task and the end-product may exhibit issues if the manufacturing is not done correctly. Manufacturing a vehicle is a task which demands precision and maintenance of the machines installed to do so is also important for precise product development. From producing the spare parts to assembling and painting of the vehicle involves numerous machines and equipment. Monitoring the condition of such machines is imperative, therefore the production facility uses relevant tools for the surveillance of such machines.

Indian Machine Condition Monitoring Market Competitive Landscape

The companies influencing the Indian machine condition monitoring market are Emerson Electric Co., General Electric, Honeywell International Inc., Meggitt PLC, Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Rockwell Automation Inc., Schaeffler Technologies AS & Co. KG, AB SKF, Fluke Corporation., Toshniwal Industries Pvt. Ltd., National Instruments Corporation, Bruel & Kjaer, and PCE Instruments.

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