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Scientists from different countries have created multiple types of medical inventions through intense research. For example, the concept of polyclonal antibodies was introduced to develop antibodies in the bodies of animals that would later be used for the treatment of multiple critical diseases and disorders. These antibodies have shown success when treating several rare conditions. Much research in this field is already currently underway. If you need polyclonal antibody development for your laboratory research, you may contact us at Capralogics. We have over twenty years of experience providing polyclonal antibody services to our clients. We comply with OLAW and are licensed with the USDA.

Also, we hold an EC 1069/2009 registration for being a reliable blood collection facility. We are also a member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MBC). We manufacture novel research antibody products, such as serum and plasma, for our clients. The animals that we use to produce polyclonal antibodies are very healthy and free from any type of disease. This factor assures that the produced antibodies are of high quality and could easily be used for clinical research or medical applications. Our top clients include diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical firms, and research industries. Our antibody and LIMK1 gene production center is in Hardwick, MA, which was founded by President Stanley White in the year 1994.

Other than providing standard polyclonal antibodies, serums, and plasma for our clients, we also provide customized services to multiple immunodiagnostic kit manufacturing firms. Because of our unique antibody services, we have been referred to in numerous publications and patents. We have a team of skilled staff members who are experienced in both the customized production of antibodies and animal management. Our employees are always given proper training before they start working on our projects so that the best product could be delivered to our clients. Whenever we receive any requests for LIMK2 production from any of our clients, we design a complete service program and implement it precisely to their needs.

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