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Just to clarify, the term ‘Digital Marketing’ refers to anything done online or TV that helps your business grow. It may be new product images or discount sale announcements posted on social media or, active online advertisements. Anything in the digital space that helps drive traffic to your website(s) is digital marketing.

There are two ways to market your online Business; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and digital marketing. The former is called “organic”. It is time consuming to implement and the results accrue over a period of time but they last for a couple of months at least.

The latter, is instantaneous and depending on how and where it is done, it can cost you almost nothing. For e.g. you post a cleverly done “50% discount sale” on your Facebook page and the product you are selling is popular. Your post (depending on number of followers or whether put in a group), could lead to instant sales. It has cost you nothing.

In reality however, the above scene is rare meaning, it takes experience and skill to do a “cleverly done” poster. Also, the poster itself would represent one side of the marketing process. The other side, is the website itself. Bad terms, product descriptions, reviews etc. can drive customers away.

Digital marketing therefore, needs a holistic approach where both sides i.e. the actual marketing is complimented and supported by good website design and terms of sale.

Digital Marketing results in quick sales. But before undertaking digital marketing, one needs to compare projected sales and profits with cost of the digital marketing campaign.

Typically, Ecommerce Digital Marketing involves hiring a team of professionals who design, create and implement posters, banners and plain text advertisements. Depending on the budget (ideally $5,000+), these advertisements could be placed in search engines, social medial platforms and on popular websites.

A professionally done, super sleek advertisement if viewed by prospective customers enough number of times, can get imprinted on the brain.

Take the advertisements for fragrant sprays for instance, you see them all over the digital space. Advertisers know, that when it comes to the younger generation, nothing sells better than sex.

Most of these fragrant spray advertisements target the sex angle in a sleek manner. Men and women looking to impress the opposite sex are induced to buy it. This fact is often extended to other products including high-end cars, video and audio systems, real estate, luxury holidays, luxury cruise and so forth.

There are lots of consultants and professional advertisement companies out there. Choose one that will spend your money more on the actual advert itself rather than on their own fees. In this space, online service providers like are worth a mention – they are a small firm of highly talented professionals.

At the end of it all, digital marketing if planned well, always produces results.