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The cost of building a WordPress website is based on four necessary site elements: web hosting, themes, plugins, and design. The average cost of a do-it-yourself (DIY) WordPress site is between $50 to $300, whereas the average cost of outsourcing to a web developer can cost anywhere from a few hundred to more than a few thousand dollars.

WordPress Hosting & Domain Costs:

For a website to be accessible to the public, site builders must store their website files on a hosting server, accessible via a domain name such as There are many providers that offer this service, costing $3 to $25 per month, depending on a number of included features.

Here are seven main variables that affect the cost of web hosting packages:

•Shared vs Dedicated hosting: Shared hosting plans share servers with other businesses and therefore cost less than dedicated hosting plans that provide a dedicated server for each hosted website.

•Contract length: The average web hosting plan is on a 12-month contract, although it’s worth noting that short-term plans, such as month-to-month plans, typically cost more, and long-term plans―more than 12 months―will have a lower monthly rate.

•Storage & bandwidth limits: Storage is how much space on a server you have to store your site’s media and content. Bandwidth determines how much web traffic your site can handle. Plans with unlimited storage and bandwidth typically cost more than those with limited amounts of storage and bandwidth.

•Number of hosted sites: Plans will denote how many separate websites they can be used for. Plans that allow for one site will generally cost less than those that can host multiple sites within one plan.

•Customer support: Low-cost web hosting plans, such as free open-source providers, typically do not include support. Premium plans offer more customer support options, such as a dedicated premium support phone number with fast response times.

•Private domain name registration: For web hosting plans that include a free domain name, there is also the option to register the domain name privately. A private domain name will hide your contact information from public domain registration databases, minimizing spam risk. This will incur an additional cost of around $12 per year.

•Free SSL certificates: SSL certificates help create a secure website connection between a server and browser to protect site visitors’ data.

Many hosting plans include a free SSL certificate

For those that do not include a free SSL certificate, one can be purchased for $5 to $25 per year, depending on the provider.

Web hosting plans vary greatly in price, service, and quality. It’s worth taking the time to understand your hosting needs and to research the best providers. We always suggest our users WP Engine hosting for Reliable Services.