So Why Do People Spread Bet?

Welcome to Spread Bet, your hub for spread betting information and news. Around one million people in the UK enjoy the benefits that spread betting brings over market trading and fixed odds sports betting. We are proud to help many of these people improve their knowledge, become better spread betters, and make more money in the process.

Spread Betting is an extremely popular form of trading and the number of people betting is growing all the time as more and more learn about the benefits.

So Why Do People Spread Bet?

Some people spread bet because they find it more mentally challenging to fixed odds spread betting, while others find it more fun. There are however, a number of great reasons to use spread betting services over financial trading:

– Tax savings
The most exciting benefit of spread betting is that any money you make is free from tax unlike if you were to make a gain share dealing , This tax saving can mean big money to many investors.

– Market choice.
Another great thing about spread betting is that the choice is so vast. Markets on offer include shares, gilts and bonds, commodities, currencies, and more.

– Leverage.
Spread betting is an instrument that can be used to place bets at just a fraction of the overall value. Typically you are only required to deposit a fraction of the actual cost of a trade in advance, which is often just 2-10% of its worth.

– Bet on market falling as well as rising.
When you buy a share or commodity unit, you can only bet on the value of it rising. Spread betting allows you to bet on the market falling in value too. Spread betting is becoming more and more popular as people realise the advantages of using it.