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Norwalk, Connecticut (webnewswire) March 4, 2020 – John M. Glover, a Connecticut specialty insurance agency, recently released a blog educating readers about Drone Insurance Coverage, which is important because of the high risk of this type of technology to injure people or damage property, or if the drone itself breaks. It begins by listing and explaining several different types of drone insurance policies, including aviation and premises liability insurance, hull coverage insurance, personal and advertising insurance and medical payments insurance.

The blog also discusses the average cost of drone insurance, which depends on the type of drone you have and how responsibly you handle it, among other factors. Drones – which are an increasingly popular hobby in the United States – are expensive to replace, especially if they include high-quality parts like cameras and video-recording apparatus.

The post ends by emphasizing the importance of speaking with an experienced drone insurance broker in order to receive proper and thorough recommendations on what type of coverage makes the most sense for you given your finances and needs.

John M. Glover has been providing a wide variety of insurance services to customers in Fairfield County since 1916. Since then, it has expanded its business to also include locations in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Hawaii.

In the event of an emergency, an agent will be there to speak to you at any time. John M. Glover agents are dedicated to fostering long-lasting professional relationships built on a high level of trust. The John M. Glover Agency also works closely with several other insurance brokers to help ensure their coverage products and services are the best possible ones for you, your family and your business. Other types of specialty insurance John M. Glover provides include car wash insurance, commercial marine insurance, construction insurance, contractors insurance, daycare insurance, garage insurance, habitational insurance, limo insurance, public transportation insurance, restaurant insurance, school accident insurance, and sports and special events insurance. John M. Glover also provides numerous different types of business insurance, including life and health insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Although headquartered in Norwalk, the John M. Glover Agency also has offices in Berlin, Danbury, Essex, Harwinton and Manchester, Connecticut. Their headquarters are located at 29 Haviland Street, Norwalk, CT 06852. Call them today at 844-304-7332 or contact them online at for a quote or to learn more about their services.