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The latest report on Torque Converter Market by Infinium Global Research gives complete coverage of the torque converter market by type of transmission (automatic transmission, continuously variable transmission, and dual-clutch transmission), type of vehicle (passenger vehicle, and commercial vehicle) in terms of key trends, market size, forecast and CAGR growth over the period of 2019 to 2025. In addition, the study covers deep dive into key product and application trends in the regional markets of torque converter such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America over the short run and long run.

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Rising Demand for Automatic Transmission Systems is One of the Primary Factors That Fuel the Growth of the Automotive Torque Converter Industry

A torque converter is a device that acts as a link between the transmission and the engine that allows a vehicle engine to spin separately from the transmission. It is a type of fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover, like an internal combustion engine, to a rotating driven load. In a vehicle with an automatic transmission, the torque converter connects the power source to the load.

It is usually located between the engine’s flexplate and the transmission. The key characteristic of a torque converter is its ability to multiply torque when the output rotational speed is so low that it allows the fluid coming off the curved vanes of the turbine to be deflected off the stator while it is locked against its one-way clutch, thus providing the equivalent of a reduction gear.

Rising demand for automatic transmission systems is one of the primary factors that fuel the growth of the automotive torque converter market over the upcoming years. Additionally, the growth of the automatic transmission market is expected to be driven by the rising demand for driver assistance systems, along with the increased use of electronics in the vehicle further augment the demand for torque converters.

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Torque Converter Market Is Expected to Have Significant Opportunities

However, torque converter transmission consumes more fuels compared to Dual Clutch and CVTs that restrain the growth of the torque converter market. Moreover, the increase in the demand for comfort and safety is driving the technological shift from a manual transmission to automatic transmission is providing huge growth opportunities for the key players in the torque converter market.

By geography, Europe dominated the torque converter market followed by the Asia Pacific. Moreover, the growth of the torque converter market in America is projected to positively affect the market by the increased adoption of automatic transmissions in heavy-duty and medium trucks. Torque converter market is expected to have significant opportunities in Asia Pacific regions of fastest-growing nations like India, Japan, and China for its OEM segment to experience the highest growth that demands automatic transmission.

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