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In a recent business intelligence study, FactMR presents the nitty-gritty of the global aptamer market considering 2015-2019 as the historic year and 2020–2025 as the stipulated timeframe. The business report highlights the drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends affecting aptamer market growth. Further, all the market shares associated with the market as well as the segments are expressed in terms of value and volume. The aptamer market study outlines the key regions – Latin America, North America, MEA, Europe and APEJ – along with the countries contributing the most in the respective regions.

Aptamers are used in different therapeutics and diagnostic applications. Chemical modification processes are employed to increase the nuclear resistance that is offered by aptamers which aids in enhancing the aptamer’s therapeutic properties. This generates plethora of opportunities for the market players in the global aptamer market. Research institutions contribute in increasing the demand for aptamers and products associated with it. Research and development activities have introduced new aptamer-based drugs and drug-carriers. Newly introduced drugs are applied to discover new diagnostic tools and generate lucrative opportunities for the manufacturers in the global market.

Presence of major players influence market in Asia Pacific

The latest FactMR report predicts the global aptamer market to grow at 21% CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2025. North America is the most prominent region in the global aptamer market owing to the advanced technologies offered by early-bird. The therapeutics and diagnostics equipment market experiences continuous R&D activities which are performed to suffice the growing demand for aptamers, thereby propelling the global aptamer market. Diagnostic tools are highly demanded in Europe on the backdrop of surge in awareness regarding different health issues that arise from infectious and chronic diseases. Biotechnology industry is known to generate huge opportunities in aptamer market in Europe.

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Restricted Knowledge about Aptamer Is a Challenge

Selection technique for aptamer is a significant determinant in determining the growth trajectory of global aptamer market. Major stake holder SOMALOGIC, INC. launched SOMAmer as selection platform for next generation which will extract quality aptamers for different applications. SELEX technique is the most sought after technique for aptamer selection. It is estimated to own 80% of the global aptamer market owing to its potential to identify protein binding site on RNA. Several organizations are investing in R&D activities to discover aptamer selection processes that are cost-effective along with being time-efficient. FRELEX and Magnetic-assisted Rapid Aptamer Selection are expected to exhibit high adoption rate in the forecast period because of their simple enzymatic steps that fasten the selection process.