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According to research, healthy and happy children do better academical. Outdoor education, as well as being fun, helps children to develop life skills such as decision making, leadership, teamwork and problem-solving. Through helping pupils to overcome their fears, then lifelong memories can be made from their achievements on an outdoor education course.

Arete Outdoor Centre has highly qualified and skilled instructors who provide outdoor education through adventurous activities. The centre is unique in that the instructors stay with each each group for continuity, and have full flexibility to choose activities that suit their group and current weather. The entire staff team are passionate about outdoor activities, be that in the mountains or on the water.

The tailor-made courses can focus on different learning objectives for each school age group setting the level of adventure each group. Safety is of course a top-priority, and our experience and knowledge means we have an excellent safety record.

The added perk of choosing Arete Outdoor centre is its location based on the edge of Snowdonia national park and a 10 minute drive from the coastline of Anglesey. It is easy to reach mountains, lakes, rivers and the sea – so the pupils can try many different land and water activities within a single trip. Arete can accommodate 10 to 100 pupils in their comfortable dormitory-style rooms.

Stop thinking and contact the expert team of Arete outdoor centre to make a booking.