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The growth of cyber-attacks against organizations and entities have made traditional cybersecurity measures virtually outdated which has given rise to the requirement of threat intelligence. It is the knowledge that helps organizations to comprehend the risks caused by common and severe external threats. Many a time the organizations face risks like zero-day threats, and exploits. These threats exploit the vulnerability and generate an incident which can cause harm to the company. Thus, solutions like threat intelligence help to inform an organization about prevailing or emerging hazard to their resources and provides with intelligent decisions as a response to them.

The industries using threat intelligence the most are healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services since they are most regularly targeted for attacks. Also, the most common type of attacks to any organization is coming in the form of emails and malware. These are the latest trends in the threat intelligence market.

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Threat Intelligence market: Drivers and Restraints

In organizations, it is hard to determine the indicators which are causing them threats. Thus, threat intelligence is necessary to save an organization from any attack. Also, the information security offices have no control over the threats or attacks to any organization. Such factors are driving the use of threat intelligence in the market.

The threat intelligence is a very complex concept to understand and any new analyst coming to a company will not be able to understand the information provided by it and thus won’t be able to take necessary actions. Also, training of professions is difficult. Such factors are challenging the growth of the market. Also, the organization must know where this threat intelligence has to be applied exactly.

Threat Intelligence market: Segmentation

Segmentation based on components of Threat Intelligence in Market:

Software Platform
Support Services
Segmentation based on format type of Threat Intelligence in Market:

Internet based Solution
File based Solution
Mobile based Solution
Segmentation based on applications of Threat Intelligence in Market:

Information security Management
Log Management
Risk Management
Identity & Access management
Segmentation based on Industries of Threat Intelligence in Market:

Energy & Utilities
Other Industries
Threat Intelligence market: Competitive Landscape

The key players in the market are

iSIGHT Partners Inc.
Symantec Corporation
Looking Glass Inc.
Dell EMC
VeriSign Inc.
Crowdstrike Inc.
Alienvault Inc.
EclecticIQ BV
Anomali Inc. and ThreatQuotient Inc.
Regional Overview

North America is expected to the largest market of Threat Intelligence market. The majority of Threat Intelligence vendors such as iSIGHT Partners Inc., Symantec Corporation and Looking Glass, Inc., are based in North America region. This is attributed to the growth of threats to an organization. The market is anticipated to grow in Europe region due to the presence of other market vendors like EclecticIQ BV and few others in the region.

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Regional analysis for Global Threat Intelligence Market includes

North America Threat Intelligence Market
Latin America Threat Intelligence Market
Rest of Latin America
Western Europe Threat Intelligence Market
Rest of Western Europe
Eastern Europe Threat Intelligence Market
Asia Pacific Threat Intelligence Market
Australia and New Zealand (A&NZ)
Rest of Asia Pacific
Japan Threat Intelligence Market
The Middle East and Africa Threat Intelligence Market
GCC Countries
North Africa
South Africa
Rest of MEA