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Market Overview:
Water is a significant part of our day-to-day life, and pure water is essential for the well-being of our community. Water is a universal solvent, but solids, like clay, fine sand, dust and rust are not soluble in water. They continue to be undissolved in water, leading to cloudiness and are technically termed to be as total suspended solids (TSS). Water treatment is essential to reduce the TSS levels as per the consumer needs, and therefore differ depending on TSS level, location and application. Heating, wastewater treatment, drying and cleaning are the four basic processes. The Asia Pacific water treatment chemicals market is estimated to attain USD 10 billion by 2025 and raise at a CAGR of 7.39%.

Recent Developments:
Global chemicals company Kemira declares a major capacity extension of its ferric sulfate water treatment chemicals production line in Goole, UK. The investment decision is based on the estimated expansion in the market call for coagulants in water treatment, driven by stringent regulation relating example phosphorus removal.

Market drivers and restraints:
Fast industrialization has led to massive emissions of toxic pollutants from freshwater reserves. As a result, countries in the Asia Pacific are increasingly focusing on enhancing water quality by restricting emissions of toxic chemicals directly to water bodies and implementing stringent regulatory regimes which make sure adequate chemical treatment of water. Hence, regulatory systems needing water treatment are estimated to boost the expansion of the market for water treatment chemicals in Asia Pacific throughout the foreseen period. The rise in water treatment chemicals implementation in different end-user businesses also promotes the local market. As a result of fast urbanization, improved economic advancement and improved manufacturing activities, call for water is continually rising, creating the significant potential for water treatment chemicals in Asia Pacific.

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Report segmented as:
By type:
• Coagulants
• pH adjusters & softeners
• flocculants
• biocides & disinfectants
• scale inhibitors & dispersants
• corrosion inhibitors
• others

By application:
• industrial
• municipal
• others

By end-user:
• municipal
• power
• oil and gas
• Mining

Geographical analysis:
China is the biggest contributor to the water treatment chemicals market of the Asia Pacific region. The market for water treatment chemicals in China is motivated by several variables like rising call for industrial wastewater treatment substitutes, adverse climatic circumstances and decreased saline intrusion content of freshwater.

Important market players:
The major players operating in the market are Kemira Oyj, GE Water & Process Technologies, BASF SE, Ecolab Incorporated, BWA Water Additives, Cortec Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Buckman Laboratories International Inc., Solvay S.A., and AkzoNobel N.V.

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The Scope of the report:
This report offers the current product and services market evaluation and the future estimation of the market. It helps us understand the market better through size anticipation and CAGR calculation to estimate the next market. It has a broader segmentation for better understanding of the enterprising of the market at a low level by segregating the market into smaller sectors.

Apart from the syndicated report, our in-house team has expertise and experience in designing custom reports to meet your specific research needs and assist you in making well-informed decisions.

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