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The coworking industry is booming owing to the rapidly changing technology that has influenced the workforce and customer expectations.

With smarter Wi-Fi, you can now imagine a stunning coworking space transformed by IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and all your work is simplified by cloud-based software.

Before relying on smarter wireless networks, your business should have a good digital transformation strategy with positive growth projections and definite business goals.

Head down to know five crucial trends that point towards the necessity of smart Wi-Fi networks for building healthy coworking spaces. A reputed company providing reliable business network solutions can help you with this transformation.

A surge in employees and devices

According to deskmag, an ideal coworking space comprises of 80 members on an average working at 70 desks over an area of 800 square meters. It is estimated that the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2022.

The main concern is, ‘Can your wireless network support these many devices?’

It would be best if you had smart Wi-Fi solutions to combat this issue.

A rapid increase in coworking applications

There are tonnes of coworking applications used, such as workspace management software, design software, video surveillance system, payroll software, smart thermostats, service request apps, etc. that need fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection. For better performance, private offices would be looking for cloud-based applications and IoT to boost productivity, decrease costs, and build excellent customer experience.

Drastically increasing network security threats

A huge coworking space will also have multiple employees from different companies, freelancers, small businesses, etc. working on the same network. It can cause great destruction to your network if your system is not protected from malicious attacks.

Since coworking is BYOD (bring your own device) based wherein everyone is bringing their personal devices to work, which is a risk to cybersecurity.

As per a new report from Juniper Research, the cost of data breaches will rise from $3 trillion each year to more than $5 trillion in 2024 at an average annual growth of 11%. The high costs of data breaches and virus removal can make you bankrupt.

To ensure that everyone’s data is safe, you need to adhere to the following:

Next-gen firewalls
Role-based access control

Always remember your hackers are always one step ahead of you. Make sure you enable network security that keeps your network configured and safe from cyber threats. Get access to a professional business network solution.

Increase in guest expectations

Guests want access to amenities like standing desks, coffee bars, automated door locks, podcast rooms, and much more. Coworking businesses have two types of environment, i.e., business and hospitality. Your guest requires high-speed Wi-Fi to generate income.

Your job is to provide fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi for better guest experience.

Today, Wi-Fi is no longer a nice-to-have amenity; instead, it has become a must-work utility. Choose a reasonable network provider who understands your needs and gives you a secure network with reliable Wi-Fi services for your coworking space.

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