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De Soet Consulting has its headquarter in the heart of Switzerland, in the city of Zug in the canton of the same name. When talking about Switzerland, people usually think about Zurich and Bern, the town Zug is far less known. In particular for entrepreneurs and those who want to become one it may be worth doing a bit more research about the swiss small town. Rieta de Soet, CEO of De Soet Consulting, has long appreciated the advantages of the small town. The city of 30,000 has a lot to offer to business people. Despite its small size, which exudes a calm atmosphere, Zug is an attractive location for trade, services and high-tech companies.

In addition, Zug is the perfect location to expand your network and make contacts with well-known companies. The proximity to Zurich and the very good infrastructure is of course another plus point that should not be underestimated. You escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and if the day in the office was too stressful, thanks to the idyllic nature on the edge of the mountains and next to two lakes you can relax.

Zug is very well suited as a branch not only for established companies, but also for start-ups. In the Business Center De Soet Consulting you get the support you need. You will not only find modern office space here, but also specialists who are at your side at any time and who are happy to help wherever they can. The De Soet Consulting team includes business economists, business and tax consultants. These are just a few of the additional offers from the successful Business Center. With around 20 years of experience, Rieta de Soet knows exactly what customers want and how to provide all-round support for customers.