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Choosing a name for your product is very hard. You have to do a trademark search to ensure nobody else is using that same name.

The last thing you want is to pay for marketing and branding, or promotional materials, just to find out that you have infringed upon an already existing company’s trademarked look. It could ruin your business’s reputation.

If the term trademark search sends you for a loop, don’t worry. We are here to help at TradeMark Express. A trademark helps a new business secure its place in the market by protecting its business name, logo, and overall brand. You can do this kind of trademark search on your own, but it is not recommended as mistakes can be quite costly.

If you are bent on doing it yourself, here is some advice: You need to research the exiting brands and trademarks listed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and then you need to look at that national register. You are making sure that nothing is too similar to what you want to do. If you submit something that is too similar, companies can reject it.

There are 45 trademark categories. You need to be sure you are selecting the right one(s) for your search. You also have to consider geography. Will you search local places or across the nation?

Rather than worry about these details, enlist the help of a professional. Visit to learn more about TradeMark Express.

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