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2020 is approaching and will no doubt be a landmark year with many interesting things to come as it is the first year of an entirely new decade. MrOwl is set to help you celebrate this New Year with a unique new way to discover and share more about the things that will help you to have an incredible New Year, and most importantly a fun and efficient time in the next decade. 

MrOwl is a Social Cloud Storage™ platform where users create public or private collections of information called “branches.” These collections can be organized with subtopics, links, documents, and media, and the entire collection is easily searchable and shareable, making it easy to share your knowledge, resources, and favorite content with other people. The celebration of the New Year is shared on MrOwl on various MrOwl user “branches” that helps to bring the excitement and promise of New Year’s goals to life.

If you are curious about making a New Year’s resolution, MrOwl is the best platform to research, save, and share ideas and get inspired by others. The start of every year is a good time to reflect on what you would like to achieve. This is beneficial for anyone, as it can help you find ways to practice self-care, save more, lose weight, and even reach the career goals you set for yourself.

May McKinney, an experienced MrOwl user, has created a New Year’s resolutions themed MrOwl branch, where she shares  her favourite secrets of how to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions. She also shares how travelling in the New Year can impact your health & wellness, career, and even your financial decisions.

For those who are curious in understanding how mental health can play a deeper role in  keeping a New Year’s resolution, MrOwl user Johnny Souza maintains a “branch” called How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution.  He takes a different point of view and highlights more attainable resolutions as well as why mental health should be a priority for everyone as it has the ability to help you finally attain the goals you’ve always dreamt of conquering.

Arvind Raichur, CEO and Co-Founder of MrOwl, said “We at MrOwl want to assist people in attaining their goals and encourage those on a spiritual or career journey in finding the answers they desire in planning for the year and giving them the resources they need to help them be successful in sticking to their New Years’ resolutions. We wish everyone a peaceful, successful, and fun New Year and hope to see more branches on the topics they love soon!

MrOwl is used by users to organize, search, and share the things that are important to them. Individuals add and share incredible content on a daily basis, which makes the discovery of the things that you are interested in both constant and engaging on MrOwl. So, whether you’re searching for a New Year’s resolution, fun spots to head out to, or more data on your favourite cricketer Virat Kohli, MrOwl has something for everybody and can help you prepare and find the things you like in the upcoming decade.

To find out more, go to or download it for free from the iTunes or Google Play app stores.