LSoft Technologies presents Active@ Uneraser 14

October 4, 2019: LSoft Technologies, an industry leader in data recovery solutions, is proud to announce the release of a new edition of its popular Active@ Uneraser. Version 14.0.0 comes with many improvements to offer the best chances possible of recovering lost data. This update features a newly redesigned welcome screen and registration page to enhance user experience. It also sports improved recovery for NTFS drives in Windows Storage Spaces and drives with 4 KB sector sizes. The software is now more stable when working with failing disks, such as those which have developed lots of bad sectors. The new recovery kernel improves the chances of getting back lost data intact, and two new file signatures have been added to the file search function – Canon Raw Image (CR3) and Finale Notation (MUSX). Users of the Ultimate edition will also have access to the latest edition of Active@ Boot Disk, which has now been upgraded to WinPE based on Windows 10, and fully supports SATA, PCI-E, NVMe, and M.2 disks.

If you’re looking for a dependable way to recover deleted data fast, Active@ Uneraser exploits the window of opportunity you have to get back what you lost before it gets permanently overwritten. By working in its own self-contained boot environment, you can increase the chances of a successful recovery operation without risking further modification to the data. It’s easy to use, yet advanced under the hood. It supports all types of writable digital storage media, both external and internal, and all file systems supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS..

Pricing and Availability

Three versions of Active@ Uneraser are available:

Allows you to recover one file per session

Professional. Personal ($39.99), Corporate ($49.99) and Unlimited ($995.00) licenses, based on a number of installations and purposesbr/
Unlimited number of recovered files.
Includes bootable WinPE-based Recovery environment for date recovery when machine does not boot.

Ultimate. Personal ($49.99), Corporate ($69.99) and Unlimited ($1495.00) licenses, based on a number of installations and purposesbr/
Unlimited number of recovered files.
Includes bootable WinPE-based and Linux-based Recovery environment for date recovery when machine does not boot.
Virtually rebuilds damaged RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and Span disk arrays. Damaged RAID data recovery.

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Entering the Next Stage of the Value Chain in the Airbag Industry – Asahi Kasei to Launch Airbag Fabric Sewing Operations in Vietnam in March 2020

Düsseldorf, November 27, 2019 – Asahi Kasei will launch the fabric sewing operation for airbags at its Vietnamese subsidiary Asahi Kasei Advance Vietnam in 2020. With this investment, the technology group enters the next stage of the value chain in the airbag industry.

The Japanese technology group Asahi Kasei announced the start of fabric sewing operations for airbags at its Vietnamese subsidiary Asahi Kasei Advance Vietnam for March 2020. The capacity will be incrementally raised to 2.5 million pieces per year until 2022, followed by a second increase to 5 million pieces per year in the coming years.

The Asahi Kasei Group supplies airbag manufacturers with yarn made of Leona™ PA 66 filament and has invested in a weaver that manufactures airbag fabric. Entry into the airbag fabric sewing business marks an expansion of Asahi Kasei”s airbag-related business and a step-up in the value chain.

Vehicle airbags are a major application of Leona™ PA 66 filament, and continuing growth is forecasted as vehicle production rises in Asia. At the same time the number of airbags per vehicle increases – with safety requirements become tighter worldwide. In addition, it is expected that with the advancing CASE (Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electric) megatrends and the associated transformation of vehicle interiors, the design of airbags will undergo a lasting change. With its wide range of products and services for the airbag industry, Asahi Kasei can react quickly and flexibly to changing customer wishes and requirements.

Video-in-motion unlocker SmartTV from Mods4cars for BMW vehicles reduced in price

Las Vegas, Nevada – November 27, 2019

The manufacturer Mods4cars has permanently reduced the Video-in-motion unlocker, SmartTV for BMW to 99.00 Euro with immediate effect. The retrofitted TV module enables TV and DVD playback to be activated while driving. This allows the passenger to operate the entertainment technology and play DVDs on longer journeys.

“With our SmartTV control, we offer a sophisticated and professional solution for Video-in-motion and hope that even more BMW drivers will be able to enjoy the added convenience of our module after the price reduction,” explains PR spokesman Sven Tornow.

The SmartTV module is permanently installed into the vehicle, which is why the functions are retained even after inspection work by a dealer. A key combination on the steering wheel activates and deactivates the Video-in-motion unlocker. As no cables are cut during installation, a trace-free dismantling is possible at any time.

The SmartTV module is equipped with a standard USB port. This enables the installation of software updates, which Mods4cars provides free of charge. Thus the Video-in-motion unlocker always remains up to date and does not need to be removed for an software update.

The Video-in-motion unlocker, SmartTV, can be used for the BMW models 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X5 and Z4. In addition, Video-in-motion unlocker are also available for vehicle brands Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda and Volkswagen. The SmartTV module for BMW is now available for 99.00 Euro.

The company, Mods4cars, is also manufacturer of the SmartTOP convertible top controls. The clever convertible modules, manufactured since 2001, allow the opening and closing of the convertible top while driving, with only one push of a button, as well as the operation of the top via the original vehicle key from a distance. They are available for all common convertible and roadster models.

A demonstration of the Video-in-motion unlocker can be viewed here:

For more information:


7 Grand Ideas For Best Flower Decorations in Birthday Parties

Birthday decorations though festive in their nature happen to be much different from the decorations that are done for the other kind of event parties. These decorations are a niche in their own right. They are nothing like the decorations done for weddings and marriages and are also much different from corporate event decorations. However even in these decorations flowers happens to play a major role.

Flower can be an elemental item that can be used for the purpose of birthday backdrop decoration. It is one of the in trends of the current times and a number of decorators are using them for decorating various birthday party events.

In this discussion we shall be taking a look at seven grand ideas of using flowers for decoration of birthday party themes. This is one of the trends that has attained much popularity in the recent times and are used in some of the most stylish birthday decorations of the city.

Color Tone And Play – There is always a central color tone that is maintained for every party. The bday decorations are no different. The flowers that are used must be in tone with the rest of the color play used for the rest of the decoration. Suitable contrasting colors can also be used if certain colored flowers are unavailable. You as the host must share your views, ideas and preferences in this context.

Combine With Other Elements – Combining flowers with other elements such as balloons , ribbons, lights and larger than life images of candies and cartoon characters is also a great idea for birthday decorations Bangalore  and other cities of the nation. This is how more fun and character can be added to the decorations of the party.

Flowers As Token Decoration – Often token gifts are given to the attendees of the party. The boxes and the packing of these flower decorations can be decorated with the help of flowers. This adds more fun to the gifts and also adds to the flower decorations for the birthday. These can be added to strings of balloons or even glitters which add more fun.

Innovative Decoration Of The Central Cake table – The birthday cake is often the central attraction of birthday party events soon after the person whose birthday is being celebrated. This is where flowers can be used for the happy birthday decoration. The table can be specially decorated using fresh flower blooms this will add more color and mirth to the whole ambience. However it must be borne in mind that the table must not look too cluttered due to the addition of the flowers.

Decorating The Guest Tables – The guest tables are just as important and must be well decorated. They form an elemental part of the birthday party decorations. Fresh flower blooms can be used for the purpose of decorating these tables.

All the above mentioned ideas and concepts of decorating a birthday party can be accommodated if the venue chosen for the party is a good one. In order to make that happen in Bangalore there are a wide array of good hotels and resorts that can be chosen for a great and grand birthday party decorations.

Smart software for efficient processes

A variety of analysis tools, more productivity, efficiency, flexible working and the highest quality: With ViCON, Rehm Thermal Systems has designed and created software that meets all the requirements of modern, networked, and above all, future-orientated electronics manufacturing. Alongside the use of touch operating elements and gestures, the new organisation of menu options and control panels, the core feature of ViCON software”s development lies in the option of accessing the software from a variety of devices. Following the reflow convection soldering systems of the Vision series, Rehm was presenting the ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing systems with the ViCON system software at productronica.

Following the successful introduction of ViCON for Rehm”s reflow convection soldering systems, the software has now been specially adapted to the requirements of the ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing systems. The main feature of ViCON Protecto is the option of importing ECAD data and image files directly and optimising eCAD data for the coating process by cutting. The integrated camera also enables stitching: A complete image of the printed circuit board can be created and further processed from several individual images. While the program is being created, the user is supported by a wizard that shows the user all current progress by means of colour-coded pointers, and thus easily facilitates usability.

After selecting an applicator, users can access a coating database via ViCON Protecto that has been filled by the application specialists of Rehm Thermal Systems and contains all the important coatings with their parameters. ViCON Protecto enables programs to be created offline, which can be used simultaneously with the current production process. With the camera integrated into the Protecto coating systems, ViCON software can be used to read both fiducials as well as (data matrix) codes (DMC).

The objective of ViCON Protecto is to configure the system”s current operating status clearly. The operator can react quickly and intuitively to status and alarm messages. At the same time, access rights, views and favourites are tailored to each user. The specifications of ViCON Protecto are based on the basic elements of ViCON, which have already performed impressively in the convection soldering systems of the Vision series. Thanks to colour coding, the operator can also easily identify and assign the status of the display from a greater distance. ViCON software is also consistently designed to accommodate multiple languages. The simplicity with which you can switch “on the fly” to the preferred language simplifies worldwide remote access to other Rehm systems and operating in an international environment. Alarm messages can be clearly viewed, interpreted, edited and processed at the top of the screen – the relevance of the alarms is displayed in different colours. A 3D function allows a simple view of the assembly. To control the system individually, the operator can create a favourites bar, that includes relevant and necessary parameters and control elements. These then appear on the main screen and at a definite point on each page.