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In co-operation with the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economics and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), healthcare companies expand visibility in the E.U. market. 20 companies presented impressive innovations from Taiwan at this year’s MEDICA.

Medical technology is an immensely important economic sector for Taiwan and has consistently expanded for years. Double-digit export growth rates of 10.73 per cent in 2018 underline the important role and prove the success of medical technology that is “Made in Taiwan”. Clearly, Taiwan has successfully completed its transformation from a manufacturing industry to a leading developer of digital solutions and applications to drive positive medical outcomes.

Throughout today”s press conference at MEDICA, invited guests and journalists witnessed the results of Taiwan”s focus on innovation. 5 companies presented leading products, all recipients of the “Taiwan Excellence” award – for their excellence in design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese R&D, and manufacturing – to an engaged audience. Additionally, invited guest had the chance to network with representatives from individual company representatives as well as leadership from TAITRA.

Among these Ms. Karen Pai, the Deputy Executive Director of TAITRA provided an excellent overview of why medical technology matches well with the history of Taiwan”s economic expansion and justified the strong support the country offers to the development of new technologies through impressive growth targets for the sector. The is was echoed by Mr. Ching-Yun Huang, the Director of the Frankfurt office of TAITRA. Additionally he offered insights into the strong bonds between Europe and Taiwan with the shared commitment to research and the similar demographic shifts. Mixed reality and virtual reality continue to be an area of great potential in the fields of medical education, surgical intervention and therapy. Caduceus from Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology demonstrated how surgeons decrease the duration of operations in delicate procedures like spinal surgery by integrating anatomical imaging with the actual patient in real time as seen through the system”s mixed reality glasses directly into eyes of the doctor.

Adam Horng, VP of Sale & Marketing Faspro Systems explained that as telemedicine becomes a platform to provide improved diagnosis and care for dispersed populations, practitioner need data collection and transmission hardware that is dependable and easy to use. He demonstrated how Faspro”s MediCam FM-100AS which integrates different technologies – narrow field-of-view design, a smart auto focus system, wireless technology and cloud intelligence – allows a continual image bringing forward the maximum benefits of documentation and educational potential to medical and dental procedures.

HTC DeepQ”s Lewis Chang built on the demonstration of the company”s virtual reality competencies through the deep learning medical division DeepQ by expressing the importance of the upcoming 5G revolution. He clearly showed how it will benefit medical practitioners through exponential increases in data transfer rates, network stability and connection quality.

Artificial intelligence”s benefit was clearly outlined by aetherAI”s Joe Yeh. He showed how the company compares imaging data from bone marrow biopsies to immense existing imaging data sets. The computing power involved, and the diagnostic algorithms achieve accurate identification of cancerous abnormalities. This breakthrough has revolutionized the detection and treatment of specific forms of leukemia.

Advantech and its extensive knowledge as a provider of integrated computing systems was clearly shown by Frank Huang, director of Advantech”s iHealthcare division. Their AVAS solution is already providing operating theaters with the IT infrastructure to manage massive imaging data volumes. AVAS allows surgeons to leverage the advances in imaging as an indispensable tool for successful surgeries.

Mr. Allen Chen, representing TAITRA from Taipei, made a strong case for the annual event in Taipei, “Medical Taiwan” by showing the excellent position this show occupies as a bridge between Asian and European production and the medical delivery systems in the region. The show takes place in 2020 in Taipei from the 11th to the 13th of June.

The importance Taiwan”s companies play in global healthcare continues to grow. With the support they receive in the areas of R&D and marketing through support of TAITRA, they will continue to bring products to market year after year – cementing their role as global leaders in bring-to-market development of medical technology.