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Even in today’s era, key and bridge population does not know about HIV positive symptoms. They have no composite knowledge about collecting the HIV related information and believing upon the illogical myths BPs and KPs.

Government and private companies are trying their level best to reach them. A large number of people are at a high risk of being infected with the virus, but regular testing from a reliable clinic helps to protect them against infection.

A large number of government and private agencies are trying to spread awareness around KPs and BPs regarding HIV first stage symptoms and advanced stage symptoms.

Among all, LINKAGES project in India is also one of the leading agencies which focus on key and bridge populations. Through making people aware of the consequences, you can protect them from being infected by the virus after improving the ability of government and private firms.
These organizations promote ideas and strategies to reduce HIV transmission among sexually active people.

The project “LINKAGES” has also been working with Yes4Me for a long time to remove barriers for high risk and vulnerable populations. Earlier, they find it difficult to search for partners through varied testing/treatment services. Yes4Me serve as a vital source where a considerable community is served with state-of-the-art HIV testing and treatment-related services. They facilitate necessary information over the first signs of HIV.
Don’t ignore early-stage HIV symptoms.

According to the suggestion of experts, it’s always advisable to visit your nearest clinic to get tested and know your HIV status. It helps you stay away against the infection and lead a hassle-free life. Doctors make you aware of the most common symptoms of HIV. It would be advisable to take you and your partner to a clinic to confirm the results. Yes4Me provide great support through making HIV testing and treatment centers highly accessible for you.

Purpose of going with Yes4Me

Yes4Me help you find a platform to get tested. It will help you in obtaining the highly effective and reasonably-priced HIV related services. They try to maintain a good relationship with the leading HIV clinics and centers all across India. Either you belong to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, or Chennai – you can knock at the door of right testing and treatment clinic near you.

Stay connected today and shares HIV starting symptoms with trained professionals, so that they suggest you the right test to obtain the confirmed results. What are you waiting for? Book your appointment online and confirm your booking with the HIV specialist. Consider the services available with this platform and get tested today. A wide array of centers is available to render such kind of services but always choose the most reliable one, and Yes4Me is one of them.

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