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The International Conference and Expo on Oil and Gas (ICOGE 2019) Organizing Committee announced the launch of the Call for Papers for the 2019 Oil and Gas Expo during 2nd Series of Petroleum & oil gas Technology Conference on December 02-03, 2019 at Dubai, UAE. Under the theme “A prospective Booming and contemporary innovation in oil gas Field” the 2nd series of ICOGE 2019 will feature innovations across the petroleum and non-renewable energy sector, from disruptive technologies to cleaner petroleum & energy solutions.

Oil Gas Conference and Expo 2019 cordially welcome all the Directors, Dean, Professors, Government officials, Industry professionals, Experts, Students, Delegates, Scientist, Researchers inclusive of Exhibitors and Sponsors to the ICOGE 2019. ICOGE 2019 successfully conducted 1st series of Oil and Gas Conference at Dubai, UAE, more than 1000 scientific society”s support and 400+ open access journal which contains 30000 eminent personalities in the editorial board member.
To recognize the scientific, technological and professional achievements across the value chain of the oil and gas sector, authors are invited to share world-class solutions to industry challenges by submitting abstracts for paper and poster presentations at
Oil and gas are the vastest areas in study and research, gas is the most common fuel usage in the world as the meeting involve everyone you to share the experience and ideas about the futurism of Oil industries. The theme explains about the present and future booming oilfield and contemporary innovation in the oil fields.

Topics include innovations in Artificial Intelligence in Oil & Gas Big-Data Operations in Oil and Gas Industry, Enhanced Oil Recovery. Shale Gas Exploration and Production, Drilling Engineering, Hydraulic Fracturing, Geoscience,Onshore & Offshore Pipeline Systems, pipeline Engineering & Processing Reservoir Engineering, Conventional and Unconventional Oil, Upstream and Downstream Processing, Offshore Platform and Onshore Oil Gas Exploration, Offshore Oil Gas Decommissioning, Petroleum Geology, Sustainable Bio-based Industry, Biofuel, Biorefinery and Future trends of chemical engineering in the Petroleum Industry.

Other technical sessions will address the future energy landscape and the way forward in managing energy solutions, providing a wide spectrum of issues to be covered by global industry experts.

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