Instant Bitcoin on Your Phone; Coins Listed for $2500

The Fxpro ( Bitcoin exchange is the safest bitcoin market today. No bitcoin wallets are kept on servers; Bitcoin is stored offline in cold wallets. There are no funds on the exchange, making it immune to hacking losses. There are no automated payouts but trade execution is instantaneous.

100X leverage and simultaneous bitcoin long and bitcoin short orders allow hedging. ( is a cryptocurrency developer’s first choice to introduce a new altcoin to market. For US$2,500 ( will create a market bid, ask and depth for new cryptocurrencies. . offers the fastest bitcoin liquidity with Tether and other stablecoins such as True USD and EURS.

New altcoins are listed at the forex exchange and paired with SwiftCoin (STC) and USDT at the Fxprobitcoin trading platform.

Fxprobitcoin ( is a founding member of The of Private Cryptocurrency Brokers and Traders. is a member of the SwiftCoin private network of cryptocurrency dealers who buy and sell altcoins OTC in private transactions.

Better Cryptocurrency Adoption and Visibility.
Fx Pro Bitcoin is a coin development team’s ideal stepping stone to leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, HitBTC and Kraken.
Cost Effective for Coin Developers.

The Fxprobitcoin listing fee is modest and new coins are guaranteed to stay on the exchange until developers’ market cap goals are met. The SwiftCoin Club network of OTC traders brings a competitive edge to cryptocurrency start-ups and forex traders.

SwiftCoin is the world’s first patented cryptocurrency and the Solidus Bond is the world’s first blockchain bond. Both were created by Daniel Bruno, Chartered Market Technician.

The SwiftCoin wallet was the world’s first blockchain program to send encrypted mail and was backed by John McAfee in 2015. It was marketed as John McAfee SwiftMail.

Fxpro bitcoin is the world’s first forex exchange to accept bitcoin and altcoins. The Fxpro bitcoin forex and cryptocurrency and forex trading platform is a service of Team Daniel Bruno in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel Bruno is from New York City.