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Lagos is the new place to find superheroes. Long before the release of Marvel’s much-loved black superhero movie, Black Panther, some book fanatics from Nigeria were producing comic books that highlight African superheroes from diverse backgrounds. Since 2012, Nigeria’s city of Lagos has been hosting several companies including the top-notch Comic Republic that features characters and stories Africans can relate to.

With the euphoria around Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, many players in the Nigerian comic industry are hoping to experience a massive interest in their African comics – both print and digital. TAG Comics Lagos-based startup is ready to take over the comic book world with their uniquely Nigerian superhero stories. They provide best and interesting com/.

Comic books in Nigeria like School of Life, Godfall, Unity, etc., available at Tag Comics.

Morakinyo Araoye founder of TAG Comics and decided to share stories, traditions, and history of Africans and Nigerians. They want to explore all about their culture and traditions, their way of living, their likes and dislikes, their interests, about their nature how innocent they are, and many more. So comics are the best way to explore African culture. Even in every generation group like some creativity and unique things and comics include this thing like creative writing, pictures, animations.
He publishes many interesting comic books like School of Life, Godfall, Unity, Danfo, Legend of yasuke, Dafe and friends and many more.

If we notice today’s generation, they attract uniqueness and they are to fast don’t want to waste their time. So TAG Comics focus this thing and create comics in episodes so that the reader doesn’t feel bor while reading. The research on different topics which are interesting and creatively mold them and it makes people attracted to there comics. And provides free comics online so if you are interested to read then feel free to contact us at