Europe Food Can Market: Increasing demand for processed food in metal packaging due to superior health benefits is expected to drive growth

The food can market is expected to witness substantial growth owing to increased recycling of used cans. The growing awareness regarding the optimum utilization of natural resources has driven the demand for recycling of metals which can be reused. Metal recycling has garnered great support from governmental agencies such as the European Commission and the U.S. government who mandated the exchange of used cans for monetary benefits.

The market of canned fruits is particularly strong in Russia which accounts for the largest production volume of canned food in Europe. However, the market is relatively mature in other economies due to rising demand for fresh fruits by the health conscious consumers in Europe.

Food cans are manufactured using two raw materials including steel and aluminum. Both type of the products finds a wide application scope in F&B industry as they are used to pack fruits, vegetables, meat, pet food and fish. Aluminum cans are expected to grow at a higher rate as compared to their steel counterpart owing to high quality preservation and corrosion resistance offered.
The market for canned meat has witnessed a growth over the past four years to due increasing dependence of the consumers on the processed food with higher shelf life. Increasing demand for canned food, primarily in Eastern Europe and Russia is expected to emerge as the major growth driver over the forecast period.

The market for meat products such as beef, chorizo, sausage, and minced pork is likely to grow on account of high demand for delicatessen products. In addition, rising penetration of the product as a packaging material for meat products is expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. High consumer convenience related to purchase of canned meat products instead of fresh and frozen meat is expected to drive the market growth over the next eight years.

The European market for vegetable cans is expected to register a diminished growth with consumption fluctuations being driven majorly by the crop harvest with no significant structural changes expected to unfold. However, rising demand for exotic and tropical canned vegetables is expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. The market witnesses a high intra-Europe import with an increase in demand for varying vegetable types driving the consumption of metal cans in the region

The presence of major fruit processing industries such as Del Monte, LBO France, and Dole leads to a high demand for the product for packaging fruits. The strategies adopted by the companies such as production capacity increases leads to an increase in the demand for the product in the region. In addition, rising demand for canned fruits in the region is expected to emerge as the major growth driver over the forecast period.

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