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Skillizen Learning Foundation, a Singapore based global socio-educational company, has announced the launch of registrations for Life Skills Olympiad, 2019.
“International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO) is the world’s 1st and only olympiad that tests young children on their Life Skills Aptitude. This global test is specifically designed for school children (including the home-schooled ones) from Class III to XII. This test will primarily focus on evaluating real world skills and competencies that are critical for young children to manage and succeed in their personal, professional and social lives. The most unique thing about this Olympiad is that it gives the participants an opportunity to make decisions in real life situations by the application of critical life skills such as leadership, ethics, teamwork, communication, empathy, goal setting etc.
Interested parents or schools can register the students on by paying a nominal registration fee that includes life skills guides, practice questions and mock test. In 2018, large number of children from 61 countries participated in this global online olympiad. Besides many other grand prizes, the winning children were given a free air ticket to visit Harvard University,
The main vision behind the Life Skills Olympiad, as explained by Mr. Sidharth Tripathy (Chief conveners of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation), is to prepare young children for real world challenges. While preparing for ILSO, the participants will not only get to acquire new life skills but will also get an opportunity to compare their skill levels at a global level with
children from 100 plus countries.Mr. Tripathy further added, “Life skills will empower the younger generation to lead their life to its fullest potential and will help them to manage the hurdles of everyday life, be it at school, at work, or as a global citizen. Hence it is important for parents and schools to encourage their children to participate in Life Skills Olympiad.”

Life Skills Olympiad is based on a pioneering research on Life Skills, that was done at Harvard University in 2011, by the founder of ‘Skillizen’. Over the years, Skillizen is known as the world’s leading organization, that helps prepare young children for their roles in the real world beyond schools. Skillizen provides the world’s 1st criterion-referenced and evidence-based Critical Life Skills Curriculum for 6-16 years young children. It is committed to the mission of equipping 1 billion young citizens around the world, with 21st-century life skills.
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