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Maestrolamps a leading well-known name in the Audio-Visual Industry worldwide has announced its entry into the Indian & Asian markets last month. Led by a team of AV enthusiast with having over 20 years of industry experience, the group is confident and excited about the new market especially India.
While speaking to our correspondent their one of the Director Ms. Sunita, said “India is definitely a bigger and smarter market for them. The consumer is already aware about the products but is facing shortfall of some of AV line of products. Even though Indian suppliers are very well connected with the China, HongKong markets they still see a huge gap of supplying Original Products”. Currently the Indian market is flooded with cheap copy Projector Lamps which are usually not suggestible, but since the market is not DIY “Do It Yourself” and is dependent on a local shop / supplier they end up getting a copy lamp for their projectors.
MaestroLamps did an extensive research in various pockets of the country speaking to the suppliers, taking feedback, visiting some of the metros like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad to take the real experience and to find out the real challenges / gap in the current market. Largely, since the demand is high, the whole country has too many copied Projector Lamps flowing in the market.
Their marketing head of the company, informed us their selling process is a bit different from a traditional Indian product selling company. They put more focus on educating the customer, about the product before selling it to them. Unlike the other supplier who would love to just sell the product without even telling the secrets of the product.
Currently, MaestroLamps have all the Projector Brands available in the market like Sony, Panasonic, Christie, Delta Ray, Qube Cinema, Dell, Hitachi, Epson, Barco, Projection Design etc. Lamps which are popular in Indian Cinema theaters are also supplied from them like Osram 330W, 300W & 280W bulbs. You can also search for your projector lamp here.
Next month, the team preparing to showcase their products in Infocomm 2019 Mumbai, India. In case if you would like to meet the team, you can contact them here.