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The Swiss hair care brand’s REACTIVESSE features a collection of premium shampoo, conditioner and activation lotion that leaves hair healthy and luxuriously fuller.

[UNITED KINGDOM, 30/07/2019] – Kerluxe believes the path to beautiful hair requires several steps. Each one is represented in the Swiss brand’s hair care collection, one of which is the REACTIVESSE. The collection contains products formulated with Acti-Cell Complex. The technology combines innovation from cellular research to deal with hair loss while stimulating hair growth and restoring strength from the hair follicle.

A Foundation for Healthy Scalp

Kerluxe uses Acti-Cell Complex to create a foundation for a healthy scalp. It fortifies the cellular matrix and contributes to stimulating growth activators. This process results in a stronger, fuller and more sustainable hair.

All Kerluxe products are paraben-free. The brand focuses on delivering products that give users the highest level of performance and luxury. It has a state-of-art laboratory in Switzerland where product research and development happen. The brand, however, produces the products and sources packaging in Italy.

The REACTIVESSE collection features a classic, sophisticated and luxurious chypre scent. After using the products, the hair is left with the scent of florals, warm wood and musks and earthy elegance.
Fuller, More Beautiful Hair

Kerluxe’s REACTIVISSE Collection includes three products, namely:

• REACTIVISSE Hair Growth Shampoo – this product helps stimulate hair follicle metabolism and minimise scalp sensitivity. After using the shampoo, users can expect to have a stronger, fuller hair and a soothed scalp.

• REACTIVISSE Hair Growth Conditioner – this product makes hair roots stronger and thicker. It strengthens the cellular matrix within the scalp and relieves irritation. Restored strength helps support more sustainable hair growth.

• REACTIVISEE Hair Growth Activation Lotion – this lotion helps reactivate hair follicle stem cells to enhance hair regeneration and hair density. It is ideal for people experiencing hair loss and suffering from a sensitive, irritated scalp because the product has soothing effects.
The brand recommends using the entire collection to achieve optimum results.

About Kerluxe

Kerluxe is a luxury hair care brand that carries a selection of premium hair products. The brand believes the way to achieve beautiful hair is to follow a routine that cleanses, hydrates, treats and protects the hair and scalp. Its products are developed to deliver results, with the quality and innovation synonymous with Switzerland and the style and prestige of Italian design.

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