Financial Stability and Freedom with KaratBars

KaratCoin Bank has a vision of creating a global economy in the future, aiming to bridge the gap between the existing financial system (or the conventional one) and cryptocurrencies and all this with the power of Blockchain technology. This project is founded by CEO Harald Seiz, who is the owner and CEO of Karatbars International GmbH. There are many entities which are closely associated with the project, which includes KaratPay, KaratGold Coin Exchange and KaratGold Coin which are all a part of ‘gold chain’.

KaratCoin has the objective of establishing the “KaratCoin Bank World Ecosystem, which includes a number of functions such as Gold Mine, KaratCoin Bank, Karatpay, Karatbit Foundation, KaratCoin Bank profitcard, KaratGold Exchange, Karat gold e-wallet, KaratCoin Bank ATMs and more.

Understanding some Important Products:

KaratCoin Bank:

The KaratCoin Bank in Miami introduced the popular KaratGold Coin in 2018. This is a new crypto-currency, which is completely based on ERC20 blockchain technology. KaratGold Coin is linked physically deposited gold. This is in the form of CashGold which is a true gold standard. Several such coins can be easily exchanged for any corresponding amount at any specific time. It will provide KaratCoin Bank credit card, and this is licensed with MasterCard and Visa.

KaratCoin Bank ATMs:

This is another innovation which KaratCoin desires to achieve! It plans to launch as many as 10000 KaratCoin ATMs all over the world. All these ATMs will support KaratCoin Bank Coin, CashGold and a few fiat currencies along with many cryptocurrencies.

KaratGold E- Wallet:

This is quite like a typical wallet which can be used only in the KaratCoin Bank Work ecosystem. This is quite an interesting concept. Users can easily convert KaratGold Coin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Dash and many other Fiat currencies.

KaratCoin Bank Profit Card:

Profit Card is expected to be launched by KaratCoin Bank. This is a kind of cash-back card which provides the users an opportunity to pay the bank fees through Karat Gold, Cash Gold or KaratCoin Bank coin. The objective is to earn plenty of bonus points which can be easily exchanged for KaratGold coins, CashGold and KaratCoin Bank coins.

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About the Company:

KCD or The KaratCoin Token is an ERC-20 compliant utility token which runs on Ethereum Blockchain. There is their own algorithm which is known as Proof of Asset. This helps operators in proving their control on specific Blockchain based asset certificates.