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Eco-friendly home design trends are often misconstrued as a fad. However, eco-friendly home design trends such as these are our best bets to reduce our carbon footprint and help conserve nature.

29th July 2019, Adelaide

Energy-efficiency is the need of the hour now that our society stands on the precipice of an imminent threat to our environment. Energy-efficient practices have crept into every aspect of our lives, and the field of home designing is no different. Green practices in interior and exterior design of a home contribute significantly to the reduction of a household’s carbon footprint. It is why you will find that most of the custom built homes in Adelaide rely on eco-friendly substitutes for home building and design.

Sustainable home design trends in 2019

Trends are a part of every zeitgeist, and eco-friendly, sustainable home design trends are no different. 2019 bears witness to some of the most exciting and ground-breaking eco-friendly design trends that are revolutionising the game, such as:

i. Energy-efficient window design

Low-emissivity window design is an intriguing concept that has recently entered the market. Coated with a film of metal that blocks the amount of UV light and infrared light entering your home, these low-emissivity windows can offer your family a healthier standard of living.

Low-e or low-emissivity technology is responsible for reducing the chances of skin cancer, in the long run, by preventing harmful light rays of long energy wavelengths from impacting the inhabitants of the property.

ii. Cool roofing

Most homeowners do not realise when they purchase land for sale in Adelaide for custom home developments that they can reduce their carbon footprint a lot by focusing on the roofing. Firstly the roofing needs to be made from materials of a light colour.

By investing some research in the right materials and colour, you can guarantee a lot of natural coolness to prevail in your home without the need for artificial air conditioning. With eco-friendly insulation in the roofing, you can also ensure a warm condition inside your home without the need for artificial room heating.

iii. Water conservation techniques

The need to conserve water is ever present. Considering how the magnitude of freshwater sources continues to decrease while urban water sources continue to show alarming traces of impurities, home builders are stressing on efficient water conservation techniques that help maintain the purity of your water supply and reduce wastage.

Greywater systems are a significant step-up in this regard. Greywater systems capture and utilise rainwater for future consumption, effectively reducing the water consumption and wastage in your household. There are also numerous smart filtration systems, controlled-flow toilet systems and plumbing hardware available on the market.

iv. Energy-efficient lighting systems

One of the most substantial contributions of the last few years to sustainable illumination is LED lighting technology. It is no secret that LED can leave most currently known lighting technologies miles behind, in terms of efficiency and cost.

Most custom built homes in Adelaide today feature LED light bulbs. Also, the versatility of LED technology allows for several intuitive accents and designer lighting mechanisms for ornamental home illumination.

It also needs to be said that LED lighting technology consumes almost 20% of the traditional lighting technology, and lasts nearly 25 times longer than the average longevity of a conventional lighting unit.

v. Smart home design

Smart home design ushers in the future in an eco-friendly fashion with smart water meters that can measure your water consumption. When you are busy focusing on home designs and land for sale in Adelaide, it is easy to overlook such specifications; however, installing a smart water meter is one of the most effective steps one can take to control the household water consumption.

Why refuse change when change is a good thing for the well-being of you, your family, and the whole planet in the long run? If you are on the verge of owning a custom built home, be sure to go green!