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Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company, has partnered with Dr. Vipul Saxena to publish Employee Engagement – A recipe to boost Organisational Performance.
Dr. Saxena, a Technocrat with Ph.D in Organisational Behaviour, has studied a very complicated and much needed subject ‘Employee Engagement’ and established a ‘Conceptual Model’ connecting various strands twined as Employee Engagement contributing in ‘Organisational Performance’. As a result, Dr. Saxena has compiled his recipes in the form of this book.
If you have encountered the questions “Does Employee Engagement lead to employee well-being?” or “Does Organisational Performance have a Universal recipe?” then here’s your answer. After research on 1000+ employees over 15 industries of different sizes, the study led to casting a ‘Conceptual Model’, which would be useful globally for Organisations seeking Employee Engagement to boost Organisational Performance. Employee Engagement – A recipe to boost Organisational Performance has included many inter-linked factors in the Research Study to establish the Conceptual Model as good as spices when used in the right proportion make a delicious recipe.

Dr. Vipul Saxena has been a well-known Award-winning and Best-Seller author. His writings and analysis have found space in leading Indian and international newspapers, business, corporate and technical magazines and he often appears in featured TV programs and interviews.

Employees are the backbone for Organisational Growth. Employee concerns, when addressed, enhance motivation and retention of employees, as a result, employees play a pivotal role in growth of the organisation as much as business partners. This phenomenon has been termed as Employee Engagement through employee’s well-being. The author establishes the factors affecting engagement of employees, its current levels and ways to improve the engagement levels.
The book is available in print and e-book format on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart,, etc.