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Ipharmachine, a manufacturer specializing in packaging machinery and pharmaceutical machinery, is dedicated to providing affordable capsule filling machines, tablet coating machines, tablet counters, etc. in different countries. Among them, the most popular ones are NJP series of automatic capsules filling machine.
NJP series automatic capsule filling machine is a new generation of semi-automatic capsule filling machine. The device is widely used in hospitals, medical schools, medical research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and other laboratories. This device innovates the turntable structure and improves the stability of the device. The upper and lower mold holes of the design have a good concentricity, and the capsule has no edging effect. The new filling mechanism makes it easy to install, disassemble and clean, which effectively improves work efficiency. The automatic recycling of the powder structure allows the powder that is leaked out during the production filling process to be automatically recovered, reducing waste.
Ipharmachine is a technology-based company that integrates research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales services. With many years of production experience, a complete production line has been formed. The company has a highly qualified and experienced management team and a number of senior mechanical design engineers. In 2000, the company passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and CE certification, and obtained more than 20 national patents.
If you happen to need a fully automatic capsule filling machine, then Ipharmachine is the best choice for you. The company can not only provide you with reasonable prices, high-performance machinery, but also provide you with quality service. We offer a two-year technical service tour in some European countries, Australia and parts of the United States, and provide practical assistance offline.
For more information on the automatic capsule filling machine, please contact us.