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The Cartier Tank has a fascinating history that also does a great job reminding how creative the watch business was back in the day. Cartier, unlike other watchmaking enterprises also had a jewelry segment that added to their reputation as master craftsmen. It also provided that additional grace to all its products whether it was in terms of design or finesse. Cartier came up with the first ever men’s wristwatch in 1904 in the form of the Santos Dumont. While this timepiece got all the attention, a certain idea was conceived away from all the spotlight and glamor, something that would be later known as the Tank.

Cartier Tank’s Role As A Game Changer

The Tank was a great invention as it, along with the Santos, revolutionized how the world of watchmaking worked. Men’s wristwatches made a debut and started to get noticed. You need to understand that at this point in time, wristwatches for the masculine sex were not a common thing. These Cartier watches, especially the Tank Francaise and Anglaise, have a great deal of historical importance that eventually helped shape the industry.

Cartier Tank And Its Inspiration

The Tank was introduced in 1917 by Louis Cartier. As per lore, the idea was taken from the Renault FT-17 battle tank, a war machine used in the First World War.

The first Tank watch was gifted to John Pershing, the United States General at that time, which clearly tells us about the importance of this specific watch. Another intriguing thing is that out of all the things that could have inspired something as elegant and classy as the Tank timepiece, it was a Renault war toy that did it. Perhaps, it was fate as the Renault FT-17 was held in high regard due to its innovative spirit. It was, in fact, the first tank to have a fully rotating turret.

The Aftermath Of Its Release and The Present Day

The watch did not make it to the store shelves until the year 1919. Any guesses about the number of Tank watches that year? Well, it was just 6. Today, the scenario is a little different. The timepiece is all over the globe with a reputation that precedes it. Cartier Tank Francaise being one of the most popular sub series of the collection perfectly portrays the spirit behind the watch.

Unlike rather contemporary timepieces such as the Cartier Ballon Bleu, the Francaise is much more traditional in its approach.
To sum it up really well, the Tank does a tremendously good job in keeping alive conventional engineering in a world heavily influenced by gigantic and avant-garde designs.

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