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Shipping containers are used extensively in the transportation of cargo. Hiring a shipping container entails a host of critical considerations.

22nd July 2019

Before hiring a shipping container, you need to gauge the specific purpose of the container; for instance, whether you need for exclusive storage or other business purposes. For the right shipping container hire, you must keep abreast of the core criticalities, such as size and age.

The following are the top three tips to hire a container from the site office of shipping containers.

1. Consider the Size

Having evaluated the purpose of the container, you need to decide upon its size. At the same time, while deciding the size, you must factor in the core requisites of your project or venture.

The size of a shipping container depends on the purpose of the enterprise. Most containers are eight feet long, although longer dimensions are also available. To avoid costly slips, do take enough time to consider the prospects of your enterprise.

2. Consider the Age

As mentioned at the beginning, age plays a pivotal role in determining the viability of a shipping container. Besides, you also need to consider whether or not the container is robust enough to be fitted inside a shipping container cabin.

While looking for a container at the site office for shipping containers, keep in mind that any container which is at least a decade old needs thorough refurbishing. Apart from that, any container to be used for shipping goods must first be examined by a marine surveyor. The certification typically covers the first 24 months, post which you will need re-certification.

3. Review the Containers

For the most appropriate shipping container hire, you need to review the working condition of the container. For instance, check the locks, hinges, roofs and the gasket seals. In accordance with the age, the container, irrespective of being stationary or moving, might show instances of damage.

While reviewing the containers, you also need to factor in the transportation aspect. A shipping container cabin entails the insertion of only those containers which are in perfect shape. In that respect, do check the conditions of the container cabin.


Shipping goods properly entails a host of logistical and technical considerations. Shipping containers play the most crucial role in the safe transportation of cargo. Make sure to hire the right container to ensure the safety of sensitive goods and timely delivery.