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Vodafone has plans to open 5G network operations in seven UK cities. Vodafone and several telecom market US, Europe, and China market giants are all set to introduce 5G to the consumers. Even before the launch of 5G, the market is already becoming a huge trend in the telecom and Internet sector. The Global 5G IoT Market has become an integral part of the digitally connected ecosystem.

The estimated number of 5G users by 2025 will reach around 1.2 Billion globally. The US, China, Japan and a major part of Europe are the main regions where it is more likely to be more in demand, consuming around 70% of the total user count.

Global 5G Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 97.1% by 2025 once it gets introduced to the commercial industries.
Segment insights:
The increase in the number of smartphone users is growing faster leading to high expectations from the mobile broadband experience. This is driving revenue from SIM cellular connections.
5G SIM cellular connections are projected to increase at 129% CAGR from 2020 to 2025. This will be driven by increasing data consumption by the user. Apart from mobile data consumption, solutions such as the Internet of Things will encourage fast-speed data consumption, thereby increasing the demand for 5G. Global 5G IoT Market Forecast 2025 suggests IoT will be the key factor boosting faster growth of 5G network market.
The demanding connected solutions would include home applications, home security, video surveillance, home automation, connected white goods, etc. Not only end consumer services, but the 5G technology will also increase the use of M2M devices in the industrial sectors. Around half a billion M2M connections in various industrial sectors such as manufacturing, retail, energy, etc. will drive the growth of the 5G technology with automation and AI-powered solutions.

The latest 5G Market research report covers key market players such as China Mobile, Verison communications, AT&T, Vodafone, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Sprint Corporation, Deutsche Telekomu, Telefónica, and América Móvil, China Telecommunications Corp.
With this, the report deep dives into factors which may influence the strategies of these market players. The research report also covers regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-pacific, Africa, Latin America, giving key insights into the industry.
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