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Collaborative robots from Cobot Intelligence which are seeing increased adoption in major manufacturing industries are conquering top 5 industries namely Electronics, Fabricated Metals, Foundary, Mold & Die Cast, Food & Beverage and Glass.

Toronto, ON, July 5, 2019 — Collaborative robots from Cobot Intelligence are increasingly observed to be adopted by major manufacturing industries. They are conquering the top 5 industries namely Electronics, Fabricated Metals, Foundry, Mold & Die Cast, Food & Beverage, and Glass. The manufacturing industry is entering a new era of automation with collaborative robots. In addition to the manufacturing industry, Cobots are widely used in other industries like equipment and furniture, polymers and plastic, food and beverages, automotive, machining, metal, healthcare, logistics, education, scientific research, etc.

The safe and efficient design of TM’s collaborative robots offered by Cobot Intelligence has led to unprecedented growth in demand for these robots in industrial automation. With its sales doubling in China, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and many other countries, TM Robot is rapidly expanding its foothold in the international collaborative robot market. TM Robot has established itself as the world’s second largest collaborative robot brand within a span of three years. Cobot Intelligence is offering its customers a complete co-bot solution for smart manufacturing.

TM collaborative robots offered by Cobot Intelligence are designed to collaborate and safely work alongside humans. Cobots ensure user safety by automatically stopping any movement when they detect a collision with coworkers. TM’s smart collaborative robots comes with a built-in intelligent vision system and are the easiest to train and use. One can easily train these robots for any task by guiding and training every pose, point, and angle in the task just by using a hand. TM’s robots are safely used to help humans in highly risky production processes like picking and placing, packaging & palletizing, welding and gluing, and tending to machines.

International collaborative robot market will grow from USD 710 million in 2018 to USD 12,303 million by 2025, at a compounded annual growth rate of 50.31%. It comes with an improved human-machine interface (HMI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to imitate human behaviour. Thus, it offers a one-stop solution for creating a safe working environment, thereby driving the growth of the collaborative robot market.

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