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At the recent launch event of ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform, the community leader of ASTPP, Mr. Samir Doshi, announced the launch of ASTPP Enterprise Version. Fundamentally, ASTPP is an open source VoIP solution and it is available for free. However, with the new version launch of this open source telephony platform, the community leaders have also launched the enterprise version of the ASTPP 4.0. It means, now, the ASTPP 4.0 is available as an open source for free as well as enterprise with a fixed cost.

As per the shared details, the community is facing fierce competition from the proprietary telecom and VoIP solutions. Till date, the main maintainer company of the ASTPP was investing in the research, development and quality assurance of this open source VoIP solution. However, the scarcity of resources and funds has become a big challenge. The company had run a crowdfunding campaign to fill the gaps, but it could reach only 40% of total set minimum target. To fill these gaps, the open source community leaders have launched the ASTPP enterprise version.

The ASTPP enterprise version covers everything one has in the open source ASTPP solution. Moreover, the ASTPP enterprise version users will also get some additional add-ons. Below is the list of premium add-ons which are available only to the ASTPP enterprise version users:

• ACL management
• Alarm
• Multi tenant IP PBX
• Country report
• Schedule report
• FoIP
• Fraud detection
• Ported number
• Custom rates
• And more

The official team of the ASTPP will also provide migration service to the enterprise version users. It makes sure the migration from an earlier version of ASTPP to the ASTPP 4.0 stay hassle free and swift. For that the official team of ASTPP performs the whole action.

The Enterprise Version users of the ASTPP also receive unlimited support from the ASTPP team. It means the Enterprise Version users of the ASTPP will receive the best in the industry support service for no additional charges.

“The open source version of ASTPP is still available and will be available forever. We have just added a new branch in it which is the ASTPP Enterprise Version. We will provide premium services and support to the enterprise version users. This will help the businesses get hassle free migration and then the best operations with the smart telephony platform. On the other hand, it will help us to collect funds which can be used in further research and development of the ASTPP open source version, so the community can be benefited”, shared Mr. Samir Doshi, Community Leader of ASTPP.

The ASTPP Enterprise Version is in production and people have started opting for the same.


It has been in the industry for almost 19 years as an open source VoIP Billing solution. This billing system is now transformed into a smart telephony platform with many new features and enhancements. To explore more details about the ASTPP, please visit