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Indians living in the northern states of the country are increasingly becoming open to having inter-caste marriage, says reports that analysed data from most popular matrimony websites.
The research showed that the Indian diaspora in the US especially those who use matrimony websites are surprisingly less open to the idea of inter-caste marriage than that of those residing in India- suggesting a focus on maintaining cultural identity (because they live abroad in places where they have a minority status).
The study was conducted by the University of Michigan in the US where data from more than 3.13 million profiles were used from major Indian matrimonial websites.
Among their profile information, people have the choice to opt out of inter-caste marriage, where many people were found to be willing to enter into an inter-caste marriage.
A fellow researcher from the University of Michigan commented on how important caste and social groups are for people when it comes to marriage. “This is a question that is asked on the first page of the questionnaire when it comes to making a matrimony profile. From this it can be implied that caste is very important for Indian people. Plus, this is a website that is used for marriage, so you know that the people are serious regarding the subject”, concluded the researcher.
The younger generation, though- in general, is more open to inter-caste marriage which is pointing towards a paradigm shift in attitudes.
One more important wider cultural shift is the decrease in profiles looking for a spouse that matches their family’s expectations or family-desired qualities and the increase in those profiles that define what they want in their spouse themselves. Like looking for someone with a good humour than someone who can cook well.