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The Cannabis industry has opened many doors for companies and individuals, from a new crop for farmers to grow, to life changing medical products, but in the form of technology and communication we haven’t seen many avenues. Textmunication Holdings Inc. the cloud based Communications Company is set to change that with its ‘Smart Automated Messaging’ system or SAM for short. The company is set to revolutionize the Technological Platform for the new and fast growing cannabis industry. The company are looking to partner up with many cannabis companies that are offering delivery and dispensaries for mobile engagement opportunities.
The companies SAM platform, has the ability to send over 1 Billion SMS or RCS messages in a calendar month. Now what the company is looking to do is to expand its business and scale it upwards, by creating a customized version of SAM for the booming and exciting cannabis lifestyle sector. Textmunication only recently signed up to partner with a cannabis delivery company based in California, who are going to be utilizing Textmunication’s SAM platform to assist them with Marketing their newest products, efficiently managing their delivery confirmations, and also being able to show their consumers special offers. The abilities that SAM brings to the table will be completely beneficial to a retail outlet like this.

When it comes to the modern day, research completed by Textmunication has shown that 97% of SMS’s that were sent were read, and using their SAM platform enables their users to add a specific call to action which in turn will increase business. The company has seen that entry into the cannabis industry early is a good move, and by having a product like SAM in the industry it ties into the company’s focus on the health and wellness markets.
Wais Asefi, Textmunication’s CEO and leader behind the SAM platform has said in a recent interview that “Textmunication has always emphasized an agile approach to our business model, we want to be innovators in the cannabis sector with our robust text messaging platform. The company can now tap into the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, especially as new states legalize cannabis for recreational, medical or both”.

With so many more avenues yet to be explored in the cannabis sector, there is an unmeasurable amount of room for the industry and other industries to benefit from partnerships in the cannabis sector.

Harold Zhao – AMT Associates