VST Lighting Is One Of China’s Leading Manufacturers And Suppliers Of High Quality Searchlight

Shenzhen, China (16.05.2019) – VST Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting systems in China and has a vast profile of overseas clientele who only relies upon them for all their LED lighting needs. VST Lighting was registered as a trading company in the year 2011 and since then, the company has been providing high quality LED lighting systems and solutions to customers across the world. The 10w portable LED Searchlight manufactured by the company is supplied various chain stores and wholesalers worldwide for its impeccable quality and efficiency.

VST Lighting’s uniquely designed powerful 10W LED Searchlight outputs 850lm and can reach as long as 470m. It comes with a big capacity rechargeable 550mAh sealed lead acid battery that works for over 12 hours at the lower brightness level of 280lumens, 4hrs for highest brightness level of 850lm, and 140 hours for blinking which is 14lm. The other useful features of this portable 10W LED searchlight includes swivel stand for easy positioning, blinking illumination for SOS operation, waterproof for outdoor uses, and dual AC/DC charger and DC 12V car plug charger options.

VST Lighting is among the most reputable Chinese LED lamp manufacturers having a R&D department that is completely committed to researching finest quality, durable and affordable LED products that meet the needs and requirements of their clients. Apart from the 10W LED searchlight, VST Lighting manufactures other models as well. Individuals can get to know the full price lists of their searchlights in hours by filling out a form available on this official webpage of the company- https://www.vst-lighting.com/product/best-led-searchlight/.

About Searchlight:
VST Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leading producers of high quality LED searchlight which are supplied to various chain stores and wholesalers worldwide. Their 10W portable LED searchlight has a range of useful features to offers.

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