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MUMBAI 9th May, 2019

IIBMS – The Indian Institute of Business Management and studies is an outstanding and leading foremost distance learning institute where achievement is made facile and achievable. Time, dedication and originality are given the uttermost importance here.
Our distance learning on the web programs offer the chance to study a comprehensive module from anyplace and get a higher expert capability in any field. All students enter the program taking core course in business organization and the management studies. The courses in IIBMS is advancing according to the business prerequisites for well prepped experts. The IIBMS is focused on its job in improving ability of talented employed in different areas.
Apart from the pre-existing courses, we are proud to announce that we have launched Doctorate courses too at IIBMS.

The Doctorate in management studies program offered by Indian Institute of Business Management and Studies furnishes students with a professional degree, a platform for exploring their own skills to moving towards becoming pioneers in the field of management. Experts gain a mastery ofbusiness administration, literature and exhibit their ability by applying their learning to current business conditions. As the worldwide data economy develops, organizations are becoming progressively mind boggling, and inventive authoritative models and practices have turned out to be trending. The Doctorate program is intended to serve this need by giving doctoral-level training to proficient professionals in business and management.
Earning a Doctorate in Management Studies (DMS) canenable you to stretch your horizons beyond the competition. It intends to mould people into recognized advisors and supervisors in the field of the management. The mission of the program is to give top to bottom learning ability and capability to students with the goal that they can end up being a recognized and creative educators, mentors, experts and scientists.With Globalization and deluge of MNCs and Corporate the requirement for top class administrative positions are expanding step by step which require exceptionally qualified experts.

This course is for them who seek after an expert profession in corporate world.The students can choose from a wide scope of specialized subjects offered by the foundation. The course material i.e. the study material will be given by the foundation itself. As you complete this course, you will pick up a more elevated level of proficiency as you analyse and practically examine the organizational and leadership theories that influence business in the 21st century. Upon completion, you will be set up to educate or lead any zone of business organization.
PLM allows students to work at their own pace and that too from a distance. Distance learning programs give students adaptability in their timetable, and a chance to work on various projects utilizing innovation and Web-based communication. A large portion of projects are planned with concentrated examination and research necessities like DMS (Doctorate in Management Studies). Understudies who work admirably freely, are self-roused, can be fruitful with the present alternatives in completing a doctorate course.

As organizations become progressively perplexing, inventive authoritative models and practices have turned out to be essential and thusly, initiative in this condition requires higher, increasingly modern dimensions of learning and abilities.
The IIBMS Professional Doctorate in Management (PDM)is intended for senior managersand advisors to upgrade their practice. The course gives an opportunity to senior managers and advisors to refine and broaden their administrative ability and aptitudes and to make a noteworthy commitment to the improvement of both expert practices just as new information in the field of management.

 Concentrate at your own Pace: Not every person has a similar pace of learning. A few students get things quick; others need time to get a handle on an idea. One of the greatest points of interest of distance learning is that you can learn at a pace that is agreeable for you.

 Sets aside extra cash: These courses are quite often less expensive when contrasted with their on-grounds partners. You likewise eliminated the expenses brought about while driving and so forth.

 Individual Satisfaction:An MBA is the way to opening both an expertly and expressly compensating future. Training is the establishment whereupon you can assemble deep rooted business and individual accomplishments. The IIBMS MBA program is intended to improve your own life, just as to keep you educated about a continually evolving industry.

 Helpful: You can present your task with the snap of a catch or essentially drop it off at a mail station! It’s occasionally as straightforward as that!

 24X7 Access to study Material and individual Understudies: This is the most ideal approach to consider on the off chance that you are alright with web and innovation. You can get to your examination material online at whatever point you need and furthermore clear questions, trade sees and talk about with your virtual colleagues!

 Concentrate on any Point You Need: Since you would now have every one of your books/online examination materials with you, you can select any subject/section that intrigues you and handle that first! Along these lines your enthusiasm for the subject is supported.

 More elevated amount of Self-assurance: The learning increased through Correspondence MBA program will improve your adequacy in your present position and help characterize your future vocation way. It will hone your aptitudes in basic business regions, giving you the fearlessness, you get to turn innovator into your calling.