Data Center Construction Market: Developments, Growth and 2016 – 2024 Forecast Research Study

A data center is a facility used by an enterprise to accommodate computer systems, server, network systems and other related components to support a company’s IT infrastructural needs. This basically involves storing, processing and serving large amounts of crucial data, which ranges from small servers to robust large industrial scale equipment and dedicated client architecture. The construction of data center is a critical task, which includes extensive planning in terms of location, storage, and material to be used in order to maintain and control environment within the data center. The location is an important factor to be considered while planning to build a data center as it is very necessary to keep the environment cool inside data center. The equipment inside data center such as server and storage are running 24×7 and they generate large amount of heat, which could result in equipment failures, further affecting efficiency of the service provider.

The data center construction market is expected to grow with rise in demand for energy efficient data centers to address the carbon impact of their business and increase utilization of more renewable assets into their ventures. Hence, data centers are aiming to go green, resulting in an increase in use of electricity generated through solar and wind power for data centers. Evaporative cooling, utilization of low-emanation building materials, and waste reusing are a portion of the strategies used in green server farms. Moreover, green server farms help in running IT operations, power, and cooling base in an efficient manner. Additionally, to accommodate ever increasing amount of data, companies are compelled to operate numerous data centers, which are generally located at distant places. This is another factor driving the data center construction market.

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The data center industry is undergoing enormous growth, due to significant rise in online users and increased transactions in recent years. Increasing business demands for cloud-based services and data storage facilities around the globe is a major factor driving the growth of data center construction market. The rapidly-increasing data traffic is accelerating demand for data storage, resulting in constant expansion and renovation of data centers. Moreover, companies are seeking for global expansion of data centers to meet the growing demand from enterprises.

Some of the major restraints for the growth of the data center construction market are lack of necessary resources, and growing popularity of containerized data centers. Containerized data centers provide infrastructure support for organizations having a scarcity of budget for constructing a data center, this eventually decreases the demand for traditional data center. Several countries around the globe also face power outages, which have created unsuitable conditions for operation of data centers. The major players operating in the data center construction market include Corgan Associates, Inc., Holder Construction, Turner Construction, DPR Construction, Structure Tone, Mortenson Construction, Gilbane Inc., Balfour Beatty US, Hensel Phelps, Hoffman Construction, HITT Contracting, Fluor Corporation, IMC Construction, Pepper Construction and FORTIS Construction Inc.

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