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Food and beverages sector is one of the largest industry segments globally. Demand for healthy, natural and nutritious beverages is further escalating the market revenue generations in the global food and beverages market. Fruit juice concentrates are prepared by extracting the juice from fresh fruits followed by evaporation of a large amount of water, thus leaving a highly concentrated form of fruit juice also referred to as fruit juice concentrate. There are two variations of fruit juice concentrate namely, cloudy juice concentrates and clarified juice concentrates. Clarified juice concentrate can be defined as juice concentrate which is undergone additional processing and filtration technique in order to produce a clear liquid for a number of applications in the beverage industry. The global clarified juice concentrate market is expected to witness significant growth in the near future owing to rising conscious consumers across the globe.

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Consumers across the globe are more inclined towards the healthy and nutritious drinks which have tremendously contributed towards the market growth of clarified juice concentrates across the globe. Consumer’s perception with respect to the ‘naturalness’ and functional benefits of juices has resulted in increasing consumption of clarified juice concentrate across the globe. However, spending constraints have pushed consumers to seek for an alternate option, for example, spending on a private label juice which might affect the global market for clarified juice concentrate in the near future. Clarified juice concentrates are widely used to prepare juice drinks, ready to drink juices, flavored tea, smoothies thus contributing towards the growing market of clarified juice concentrates. Furthermore, the clarified juice concentrate market is also benefited by its application in bakery and dairy industry where it can be used as a substitute for sugar. Clean label trend and demand for organic and natural ingredients in food products have been pushing manufacturer to bring products in the market space with natural sweetness, flavor, and color thus, contributing towards the growing market for clarified juice concentrateacross the globe.

Consumption of sugar-sweetened juices in linked to the number of health-related risks such as obesity, diabetes, dental caries and others. This is largely expected to benefit the global market for clarified juice concentrate in the near term.

Some of the key players operating in the global clarified juice concentrate market are Kanegrade Ltd, Northwest Naturals, Encore Fruit Marketing, Inc., Döhler GmbH, Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, BMT Weiser LLC, Tricom Fruit Products Limited, Milne Fruit Products, Ventura Coastal, LLC, Sleaford Quality Foods, FLINGO FOODS AND AGRO P. LTD., Moleva, S.A., Milne Fruit Products and others. Manufacturers of clarified juice concentrate are focusing on launching new products in the market place with different flavors in order to attract consumers and increase their indulgence thus positively influencing the global clarified juice concentrate market.