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The gluten susceptibility is a major concern among the population, which is fueling the demand for gluten-free products in the market. Wheat flour is high in gluten content, which inhibits the consumption by the gluten susceptible population. In the global wheat flour market, the fermented wheat flour is gaining the worldwide recognition owing to its low gluten level. In the fermented wheat flour, gluten is hydrolyzed by the fermenting microorganisms and decreases the gluten content to a safe level in fermented wheat flour. In the global fermented wheat flour market, the demand for fermented wheat flour majority accounts from North America and Europe and these regions also accounts to high production of fermented wheat flour. Due to an increase in demand for fermented wheat flour.

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Cravings for the baked products and other food products are common among the younger population, but gluten content in them is restraining the consumption of such products generating the demand of fermented wheat flour in the market. Fermented wheat flours have gluten to the safer level and can be consumed by the celiac patients without having any immunological effects. In addition, it is also found to be beneficial in the disease like Alzheimer, Parkinson etc. In the global fermented flour market, the demand for fermented wheat flour is increasing in the bakeries and food industries. Fermented wheat flour is also called as sourdough due to acidic content in the flour.

The wheat flour is fermented using Lactobacillus and other bacteria, which hydrolyze the gluten and make it unavailable for the transglutaminase-2 enzyme, which initiates the immunological effects in the celiac patients. On the other hand, increasing health consciousness has led to an increase in the demand for clean label products in the market. The fermented wheat flour does not contain food preservatives owing to its acidic nature which act as a natural preservative and contributes to a longer shelf life of the food products. The demand for fermented wheat flour is also increasing due to its vibrant smell, keep the baked products moist and fresh for a longer duration.

Increasing gluten susceptible population is generating the demand of fermented wheat flour in the market. Health conscious population are also seeking to consume gluten-free and clean label products which is also fueling the demand of the fermented wheat flour in the food industries. Proved health benefits in certain diseases is also attracting the diseased patients to consume fermented wheat flour. Apart from all the mentioned factors, increasing awareness among the population about the fermented wheat flour will increase the demand over the forecast period.

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North America and Europe are the highest consumers of processed food, and companies Nutrex, Holgran, Pagen etc. are situated where it can be anticipated that the demand of the fermented wheat flour will increase in the forecast period. Asia Pacific to witness a robust growth rate owing to growth in fitness aware population and growing food industries over the forecast period ensuing speedy procurement of fermented wheat flour within the place through the key players. In addition, the demand for fermented wheat flour is increasing in the Latin America region owing to its increasing consumption of fermented wheat flour. Increasing awareness and urbanization in the Middle East and African countries is expected to increase the establishment of food companies in the forecast period.