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Apocarotenal belongs to the group of plant substances called the carotenoid. The presence of Apocarotenal is usually seen in the citrus fruits and spinach. The main usage of Apocarotenal is in the coloring of food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry. It mainly gives orange to orange-red hue coloration to the product and a wide variety is of Apocarotenal is present in the market to give the exact color to the product it is added to. They are heat-stable but when exposed to light, they start degrading.

The use of Apocarotenal in the food and beverages industry has been tremendous as they are present in the nature-identical form which when used in appropriate dosages cannot be harmful to the human body at all. Also, the various forms of Apocarotenal are present in the market which gives the perfect hue to the product and to almost all the food products available from jellies, confectioneries, dairy products, fat-based foods such as sauces, salad dressings etc. to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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The market for Apocarotenal is widely increasing as people are replacing the artificial dyes with this natural colorant. This has no harm and also few benefits. The Apocarotenal when used increase the storage life and preservation of the food and beverages they are added to.

The health benefit along with the food coloring using Apocarotenal a bonus

In contrast to the artificial colorants, Apocarotenal has other benefits in addition to the coloration. Apocarotenal just like the other carotenoids is a precursor for Vitamin A but has only 50% activity as compared to beta-carotene. That means that the molecule of Apocarotenal is cleaved by the human body into Vitamin A that is utilized by the human body at the rate needed. This Apocarotenal safe without making it Vitamin A toxic due to this reason. Also, the percentage of being converted into Vitamin A is a very small percentage for Apocarotenal, even less than one-tenth of the product added. Also according to the definition of Vitamin A by WHO/FAO, this enables the manufacturers to claim Vitamin A on the labeling of Apocarotenal packaging. Apocarotenal is a nature’s product and thus the addition of Apocarotenal in food products enhances the product by increasing their health profile.

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The Apocarotenal are heat stable and thus their addition into processed food and the food passing through high temperatures would not have any effect on the health. The food colors brought by the addition of Apocarotenal would not impart any toxicity when passed through very high temperatures. Only they are supposed to be not exposed to light as the Apocarotenal will start degrading.