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As this report is concerned only with charging systems for passenger PEVs, much of this growth is directly related to the growth of that market. With each PEV delivered, the supplier provides a cordset that allows charging at an electrical outlet, typically for emergency or stranded charging. Consequently, the quantity of cordsets represents the largest segment in the market. However, because of their low cost, their market value is smaller than all types other than basic AC Level 1.
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In addition to the growth in PEVs, continued incentives and goals related to the establishment of public infrastructure is expected to contribute significantly to this market, with significant growth in both AC Level 2 and DC fast chargers. Although eclipsed in numbers, the higher cost of the DC fast charger contributes to its large market share. It is the higher cost of DC fast chargers that currently tends to push the infrastructure, in terms of quantity, toward AC Level 2 EVSE. Increasingly, DC fast chargers will be deployed, especially along transportation corridors. However, as is the case with most public infrastructure, actual charging utilization will be key in terms of a successful business model.

Basic AC Level 1 equipment is primarily used in North America for fleet and workplace applications, with most public infrastructure installed as Basic or Smart AC Level 2. (This category in this report also includes AC Modes 2 and 3.) Basic AC Level 1 may represent a market opportunity as more employers seek to provide employee benefits, as it apparently has fewer dedicated suppliers. As the reporting period advances, smart equipment is expected to capture additional market share as more equipment is networked and the advantages of connected equipment are recognized. In addition, PEV batteries are expected to increase in capacity, leading to longer ranges for BEVs. However, this will also require faster rates of recharge.
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