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Cassia Powder Market: Outlook

The increasing adoption of cassia powder in food, flavor, cosmetics, and healthcare industries has increased their demand, particularly in Asia Pacific and Europe. Cassia powder is also known as cinnamon powder, which is obtained from the cassia plant. Cassia is a native plant in China, which also grows in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. The aroma of cassia powder is stimulating and warming. Thus, it is used in various foods and beverages for flavoring delicious dishes, confectioneries, bakery products, and also used as a cosmetic Ingredient. Cassia powder is the grinded form of cassia or cinnamon. Due to the presence of anti-oxidant nutrients, cassia powder is mostly utilized in nutraceuticals. The cassia powder is also known for various health benefits, and it acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant. The cassia powder has immense applications that have created huge demand among the consumers globally, which is expected to escalate the growth of the cassia powder market during the forecast period.

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Applications of Cassia Powder

There is a huge demand for cassia powder from a very long time in Southwestern China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Cassia powder is not only used in food and beverages as spice and flavor, but also have numerous applications in cosmetics and herbal medicines. The cassia powder is also used in the treatment of hair fall. As cassia powder contains high fragrance, it is used as a flavoring and aromatic agent in many food items including baked foods, confectionery, and chewing gum. As a source of “Garam Masala” the cassia powder is used in typical Indian foods.

Global Cassia Powder Market: Key Players

Some of the major players operating in the cassia powder market include Xi’an Sheerherb Biological Technology Co., Ltd., VISIMEX JOINT STOCK COMPANY, LINCO ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., CV. RASDI & CO., Agrim Pte Ltd., Jay Global Exim, Rajasthan Super Fillers Private Limited, AGRO GUMS, Kuber Impex Ltd., Royal Herbal Products, Mangla Traders, Mahalaxmi Food Products, Vjs Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, V C Gruh Udhyog, Bhardwaj Group, Shiho Spices, Anhui Renzhitang Pharmaceutical Share Ltd., etc. The Industrialists and organic product manufacturers showing interests in the cassia powder as the demand is escalating every year.

Opportunities for Participants in the Market

Being massive used as spice and flavoring agent, the cassia powder has emerging demand among the consumers and product developers all over the world. In addition, the cassia powder is also used as a cosmetic ingredient, which also creates additional demand. Also, it has various applications as a remedy in Ayurveda medicines as well as in Unani Medicines for hair treatment.

In the India market, the manufacturer of cassia powder have a huge opportunity as it is used as “Garam Masala” in foods. Also, the manufacturers of cassia powder have enormous growth opportunities in the regions such as North America, Latin America, and Europe.